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Midnight Snacks That Are Absolutely Guilt-Free


Sometimes you’ll find yourself tossing and turning in bed because of your growling stomach, wondering if you should try to ignore it or head to the kitchen. The simplest solution is to get up and eat, but then you might be tempted by junk food like cold pizza, salty chips or that pint of ice cream in the back of your freezer. If you are really worried about regretting your midnight snack, skip the junk food and try these delicious guilt-free snacks instead.


  1. Homemade Popcorn

Don’t reach for the bag of potato chips because you are looking for something easy to munch on — chips are high in calories, have little nutritional value and are often covered in salt. A bowl of homemade stovetop popcorn is a much healthier alternativeto snack on and itwill be just as delicious. One of the many reasons that you need popcorn in your diet is that it is rich in polyphenols, which can reduce inflammation, shrink your risk of cancer and prevent cardiovascular disease. It’s also an excellent source of insoluble fiber and is filled with more iron than a single serving of spinach. The only problem with popcorn is that it is often covered in imitation butter and loads of salt — you can skip these toppings and make healthy popcorn recipes packed with flavor combinations like these:

  • Cilantro and lime
  • Rosemary and parmesan
  • Coconut curry


  1. Mochi Ice Cream

You might be enticed to pull out an entire pint of ice cream, grab a spoon andeat until you scrape the bottom. If you can’t control yourself when it comes to this frosty dessert, you should getMy/Mo Mochi ice cream — a box is packed with spheres of Japanese ice cream wrapped with sweetened rice dough. This way you can have a single serving of 110 calories to satiate your sugar craving without going overboard and giving yourself a stomach ache. The complete calorie count is true for all of their delicious and exciting mochi ice cream dessert flavors, like:

  • Vanilla bean
  • Double chocolate
  • Salted caramel
  • Mint chocolate chip
  • Sweet mango
  • Ripe strawberry
  • Green tea
  • Cookies and cream


  1. Toasted Nuts

A bowl of toasted nuts will give you plenty of protein, fiber, healthy fat and nutrients like magnesium and vitamin E. Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts are just some of the nuts to eat for better health—toast a big batch of any of these ahead of time so you will be prepared for a grumbling stomach. Use fragrant spices like cinnamon, paprika, cumin, chili powder, coriander and just a little bit of salt to add more flavor.


If you’re worried about giving yourself a stomach ache or ruining your diet whenever you grab a midnight snack, just have one of these tasty alternatives available. You can sleep easier when your belly is full and when you don’t have any regrets about what you put in it.