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Modular Synth Overview

There are several different modules that you will find inside the modular synth. The analog oscillator has a set frequency and each one of its waveforms has a unique output. Then there’s the voltage controlled filter which has several different high and low pass filter types. It is important to note that this is one of the best analog filters to have ever been made.

Analog amplifier is one of the most interesting modules found in the module synthesizer. It exhibits the near and exponential signals and also has ability to put together several different inputs. Some prefer to use the built in oscillator modules and also set them to a lower frequency. However, they are unable to mimic the power of a dedicated low-frequency oscillator modules. Finally, Utility modules are excellent for multiplication of signals and mixing.

Furthermore, there are also re-modulators, slew limiters and samples inside the module synthesizer. However, they vary quite a bit from brand to brand. Step sequencers trigger signals to different parts of the synthesizer and this is the function that makes them so popular. The main function of the trigger signals is to control different modules inside the synthesizer.

Modular synthesizers have a lot of different interchangeable modules. What this means is that the entire system is really easy to update. These synthesizers are a must have for any enthusiast, however their heavy price tag often gets in the way of most buyers. If you’re thinking about setting up a studio than modular synthesizers are definitely the way to go.

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