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Optimize Your Site with 5 Simple SEO Tricks to Get New Leads

Optimize Your Site with 5 Simple SEO Tricks to Get New Leads

The digital marketing industry is warmly receptive towards every innovation made in the field of SEO. Also, large businesses pick up the new SEO trends more quickly since one of the most effective ways to stay relevant in this industry is by using the latest technology. They usually have bigger budgets for marketing activity and can invest in new SEO techniques to reach out to the audiences scattered across the various platforms On the other hand, small or local businesses find that marketing has become challenging or complicated owing to similar reasons. They are unable to operate on a level platform partly due to the lack of resources. Hence, they find it more challenging to reach out to audiences spread across numerous social media channels, apps and search engines, etc. Considering this issue, it might be a wiser choice for such businesses to concentrate on a few key areas in order to be more productive. Small businesses looking for a more user-friendly digital marketing strategy are often able to find the solution by streamlining their marketing strategy and simplifying their SEO techniques.

The following strategies provide an overview of how businesses that have previously invested a lot into a website (which wasn’t generating the expected results or leads), were eventually able to cut back on the costs by doing less, and instead putting their expertise to use in key areas.


  • Spend On Local SEO

In the world of online marketing, it is essential for businesses to have an online presence so they may reach out to their target audience. That means letting search engines like Google aware of are your business’s products/services and where it is located, so that your business may show up on online search pages – in front of relevant audiences. According to studies,

  • 50% percent of mobile users conduct online searches with the intention of finding local results,
  • over 60% of consumers have utilized the local information provided in ads,
  • and 50% of mobile users who conduct local searches on their devices, also visit the stores the same day or the following day.

Optimize Your Website

So, optimize your website to include location specific keywords and personalize the content according to your target audience’s location, since it gives Google the hint that your business is relevant in the area.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Moreover, you’ll also need to optimize your online presence, which deals with:

  • Listing your business in local directories
  • Making sure your business is mentioned in Google maps, Google+, etc.
  • Generating positive reviews for your business

Your listing in local directories and other pages can generate consumer/audience engagement with your business and hence also boost your ranking.


  • Go for a Mobile Friendly Design

More searches are being done on mobiles than on PCs, so it critical to mobile-optimize your site or you may end up losing your leads and around 50% of your customers. Mobile accessibility of website has been an important factor in determining search pages rankings since Google’s 2015 update. On average, mobile searches have been seeing an increase of 43% per year. According to data collected from various sources:

  • 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to browse and shop
  • 70% mobile users take action on those searches within an hour
  • Around 1.2 billion people have access to the net via their phones, hence 15% of global online traffic originates from smartphones
  • 92% of mobile users have searched for local info of businesses via their smartphones

What Mobile Users Look For?

It is anticipated that mobile-optimization will continue to take a up a prominent place in the SEO strategies implemented by most businesses at least over the next few years. The following explains the essential features that users look for in a site during mobile searches:

  • That it is an appropriate fit for the mobile screen
  • The font is readable
  • Page loads fast
  • Other features that are compatible with and should work on a smartphone

How to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

You can work on making your site mobile-friendly according to the following steps:

  • Run a test on Google’s Mobile Friendly Checker to determine what your site looks like on smartphone screens.
  • Once you’ve determined the kinks in your site you can create a test mobile version (e.g. with Duda Mobile)
  • Discuss with your website designer possible ways to make your site more mobile responsive
  • Overhaul the design of your site


  • Add Click-to- Call Feature

Since more consumers carry out local searches on their smartphones, they expect to find most of the business information, especially the phone number, easily available online. Make the process more convenient for consumers and increase your leads by including a click to call button on your website.

How Click to Call Works

Click to call uses a hyperlink, but instead of redirecting them to another web page, it leads to a phone number. Clicking on it via a smartphone results in the mobile user directly calling the number, without first having to write it down or type it in.


  • Simplify Site Design

Sometimes visitors may end up leaving a site because its design is too complex and they can’t quickly find the answer to their online searches. Simplifying your site’s design can help visitors easily navigate your site; and once they have an answer to their question it might result in them taking action – causing in producing more leads. Hence, focus on the following guidelines:

  • Include important information above the fold (I.e. at the top of the page)
  • Make your phone number prominent
  • Include call-to-actions in the form of buttons or others throughout your site
  • Say more with less – keep the text brief and precise. Make use of the headings, images and bold text to bring focus to certain information
  • Cut down the amount of options available to visitors. For instance, does your contact form include a lot of options? Too many options are more likely to confuse visitors or drive them away. Instead, focus on 3-5 important questions.


  • Add Value to Your Site


Visitors are more likely to convert into a lead for your business if they perceive some value to your site. The message of your business and what your site offers to the visitors should be apparent and presented in an uncomplicated manner.

Ways to Increase Perceived Value of Your Site

  • Offer free advice that can benefit your visitors in some way.
  • Make an effort to identify and present solutions to your audience’s problems
  • Provide helpful trustworthy backlinks. You choose to can concentrate on on-page SEO and outsource this work to other link building services
  • Advertise a special offer


If your content marketing strategy right now is overwhelming you and is draining your resources or its too complex for your clients, then implementing the techniques stated above can help simplify your digital marketing strategy.  By streamlining your marketing strategy, and sectioning it to spend more time on the techniques that can increase your conversion rates you will be able to generate more leads as well as increase profits.