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Paranoid about your S7 Edge breaking? Check out these 6 Samsung cases

As far as we’re concerned, Samsung cases are a must have for just about every single S7 Edge out there. Despite its cutting edge technology and awesome curved screen, it’s not the most robust piece of tech. Most smartphones are pretty delicate, and the S7 Edge is no exception.

You might think that being careful with your S7 Edge is enough to keep you from needing Samsung cases, but getting one might end up being a mistake you regret. Though you can control how careful you’re being, you can’t account for other people. Someone might bump into you as you’re sending a text, and zoom, your S7 Edge flies right out of your hands. It lands on the floor with horrible crack. You bend down and turn your phone over, only to get the sight that every smartphone owner dreads: a smashed screen and an unresponsive display.

No matter how careful we are, accidents happen. Your phone slips out of your gloved hands into the snow. You use it in the kitchen and splash water over it by accident. You’re out exercising and it drops in the mud. All of these and more are possibilities. So it’s best you save yourself the worry – and the potential expense – by finding Samsung cases that can protect your S7 Edge.

Here are 6 Samsung cases that can do just that. We’ll start with waterproof Samsung cases:

Punkcase Studstar

Protection features: The Punkcase Studstar is a very protective case, on a par with all-round-protection cases such as LifeProof. It protects your S7 Edge from every angle.

  • Waterproofing up to 6.6ft. The Studstar is IP68 rated, so you can submerge it fully with no worry about damaging your phone
  • Ice and snowproof
  • Dust, dirt and mudproof
  • Drop proof, with air cushion corners, anti shock technology, and full body protection
  • Raised bevel and screen protector work together to keep your display 100% intact

Colors and design: Sleek, slim fit design to complement your S7 Edge’s natural shape. Pick from black, white, teal, blue, green, red, pink or purple.

Price: $39.98

Ghostek Atomic 2.0

Protection features: Though the Atomic 2.0 is another one of those Samsung cases that can do it all, it’s best feature is the aluminum alloy bumper. This gives it unrivalled ability to resist drops. So if you’re constantly dropping your phone, this could be the model for you.

  • Waterproofs your S7 Edge up to 3.3ft or 1m
  • Keeps snow and ice out
  • Is dust, dirt, mud and sand proof
  • Is perhaps the most sturdy, mean, rugged drop proof case out there. It can handle some serious knocks, bumps, and drops.

Colors and design: The back cover is transparent, letting your Samsung good looks show through. The bumper color is black, silver, red, gold or pink – your choice.

Price: $59.95

Now you’ve seen the waterproof Samsung cases, we’ll show you some clear cases.

Ghostek Covert

Protection features: This is a drop proof case, designed to keep your S7 Edge safe in case from shocks and drops.

  • Explosion proof screen protection
  • Drop spring technology built into the air cushion corners
  • Raised bevel and shock resistant design
  • A bumper to take the impact of a drop so your S7 Edge doesn’t have to

Colors and design: The back is transparent. Pick your edge and corner color – clear, dark gray, gold, peach, or rose pink.

Price: $15.98

Ghostek Cloak

Protection features: This is one of the most protective slimline clear cases we’ve ever seen. Like they did in the Atomic 2, Ghostek have included a metal frame, which adds a whole lot of drop protection in the favor of this sleek case.

  • Metal frame crafted from aluminum alloy
  • Crystal clear back cover made of TPU gel, a material that absorbs shock to keep harm away from your phone
  • Explosion proof screen protector included

Colors and design: Black, gold, pink, red or silver are the color choices for the detailing on the side. Of course, the rest of the back case is clear.

Price: $19.98

Now you’ve seen some clear Samsung cases, we’ll show you our two last cases, both with a card holding feature.

Punkcase Lucid

Protection features:

  • The case is constructed of TPU
  • The bumper around the edges enhances protection

Colors and design: Black, gold, silver, or rose gold, are the colors you can pick from for the detailing around the case. The case itself is actually transparent for the most part, which is a huge plus if you like a rare case – we’ve actually never seen a transparent wallet case before.

Price: $14.98

Punkcase Clutch

Protection features:

  • Dual layered protection – polycarbonate and TPU work together to keep your phone safe
  • Raised bevel and screen protection are included to make sure your screen doesn’t crack

Colors and design: Black, gold, gray, navy, pink, rose gold, silver or white. Of course the main attraction here is the card holder slot. You can hold two cards in the back of the case.

Price: $19.89

So now you’ve seen 6 Samsung cases to keep your S7 Edge safe, which will you pick?

Title Image: Pixabay

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