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Pick and Pack Services to Manage Turnover

Expanding into a new market, or dealing with a sudden increase in volume brings several challenges. If your increasing turnover means delays in getting orders out, you must take steps to immediately make changes or risk damaging your company’s reputation.

Your company faces a difficult choice. You must either upgrade your warehouse facilities, or partner with a company that offers pick and pack fulfillment services. The former is an expensive option and might mean significant downtime for your company.

Pick and pack fulfillment services provide a cost-effective solution to allow you to take advantage of booming growth without slowing down.

What are Pick and Pack Services?

Packaging fulfillment services (aka a pick and pack service) involves outsourcing your order fulfillment process. You send your products to the most convenient fulfillment center, and you will be linked into an inventory management system. When a customer places an order, the company will handle the rest of the process.

The Pick and Pack Process Simplified

  • Your product arrives to a pick and pack fulfillment warehouse. Upon arrival, it is verified, inventoried, labeled and put away.
  • If your product requires special attention, such as kitting or repackaging, it goes to a value added services department before being sent to storage.
  • When an order arrives, the items are picked from the stock provided using either batch picking or zone picking methods 
  • Items are then packaged according to your instructions
  • Finally, the items are sent to your chosen customer via LTL or small parcel 

The Benefits of Pick and Pack Services

Why choose to outsource the pick pack services? A company will outsource pick and pack fulfillment services for much the same reasons that they might outsource other functions:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Lower labor costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Lower packaging costs

How Using a Pick and Pack Warehouse Saves Your Company Money

You might assume that hiring a company to handle pick and ship services costs you more in the long run. In reality, the cost of managing the pick and pack fulfillment process in-house works out to be more expensive. Here’s why:

  • You need space to store the merchandise: You must store your merchandise somewhere. By storing it at a pick and pack fulfillment warehouse, you can access extra space as you need it (to match your growth). Better yet, you only pay for the area that you’re using.
  • You don’t need to buy or store packaging materials: Outsourcing pick and pack functions free up space at your premises. Packaging materials are often supplied at a significantly reduced rate. 
  • Better shipping rates: Fulfillment companies are able to negotiate discounted shipping costs with the top carriers because they provide them with a significant portion of their business. They pass those savings on to the clients. 
  • Fewer canceled orders and returns: Clients today aren’t patient. In this competitive market, not getting goods out to them on time increases their chances that they won’t order from you again. Worse, they might even cancel their order or return the goods when they arrive. Pack and ship services get the item out quickly to ensure that none of this happens. 
  • Better customer service: Highly trained teams of customer service experts handles any queries regarding the status of orders and shipping. Instead of being mired in endless questions, your sales team can focus on bringing in more sales. 
  • A more efficient supply chain: The time it takes for your goods to get to market could be the difference between their success and failure. Highly efficient warehouse fulfilment pick pack teams makes it easier to get your products out there as fast as possible. 

What Services Do Pick Pack Warehouses Offer?

B2C Solutions Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment solutions for individual orders and bulk orders. A zone picking system makes it easy to locate your products and send them out.

B2B Solutions

The retail supply chain is one of the trickiest to manage. Retailers don’t appreciate empty shelves. If you let your business customers down, they might remove your products from the shelves. Batch picking techniques make short work of retail order fulfillment.

eCommerce Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Picking and packing ecommerce orders is an essential part of maintaining the satisfaction of online clients. 

Samples Distribution

Getting your samples out is made a lot easier through pick and pack fulfillment services. Save your sales representatives time by using pick and pack services to send samples where they’re needed the most.