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Plan The Greatest BBQ For This Canada Day

Celebrate the holiday weekend by hosting a backyard bash with your closest friends and family members. You can lounge in the summer sunshine, sip on ice cold drinks and nibble on freshly barbequed dishes all day long, and then light up the sky with fireworks and sparklers when the evening comes. If you want to make this amazing Canada Day barbeque a reality, here is exactly how you can make it happen.


The Set Up

Your barbeque décor needs to relate back to the holiday theme, so pick out red and white balloons, streamers, blankets, tablecloths, garlands and pillows to brighten up your backyard. You can create a patriotic tablescape by setting out bundles of sparklers tied with string beside the plates and cutlery — these will be fantastic party favors for guests to use when the evening arrives. You can also adorn your white napkins with dried and pressed red maple leaves to look like miniature Canadian flags, as a subtle touch.It’s possible to incorporate the holiday theme into every element and little detail of your barbeque.


The Food

Instead of standing in front of the grill for hours, you can hire caterers to come in and cook for your private party. A Toronto food catering company like The Food Dudes can come into your backyard and make you delicious dishes using their gourmet ingredients, professional skills and high-quality customer service. They can offer you a buffet of thebest bbq in Toronto, including everyone’s summertime favourites of banquet burgers, hot dogs and corn straight off of the grill. They also have dessert options that will fit with the holiday theme, like mini doughnuts with vanilla butter glaze and strawberry-raspberry jam. The caterers offer the option to customize your own menu for the event, which comes in handy when your guests have dietary restrictions or picky tastes.


The Entertainment

It will be easy to play the role of DJ for this event because you can make a playlist with all of the best Canadian songs ever made by the country’s biggest musicians — then plug your device into some outdoor speakers and turn up the volume. When your guests aren’t singing and dancing, they can amuse themselves in your DIY photo booth. If you are looking for quick and easy backdrop ideas for the booth, consider using a national flag, a large map or a series of red and white balloons. Find or craft props offamous Canadian symbols like beavers, canoes, moose, Mountie hats, beer bottles and maple leaves for your guests to use in their photos. These will make for hilarious and memorable pictures that your guests will want to share immediately.


If you follow these suggestions for your outdoor decorations, your barbeque dishes and your special entertainment, you will throw an amazing event this Canada Day. All of your friends and family will have a wonderful time from the moment they walk through your front door to the moment that the smoke from the fireworks settles.

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