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Popular Closets Toronto Homeowners Love

Homeowners in Toronto are often left with all kinds of different storage issues, whether their homes are newly built or a century old. Builders cut corners when it comes to storage and older homes don’t have anywhere close to adequate wardrobe space, because people tended to own less clothing back then or actually use wardrobes to hang up their suits and dresses. If you’ve been left with an unsatisfactory space to put up your clothes, the solution may very well be a custom closet, walk in or reach in, with sliding doors, open concept, or however you like it. Get something that’s built to your specifications, including size, style, and the way you use the space.


If you’re anything like most homeowners out there, your place is a mess, and it’s stressing you out. Luckily, there are plenty of great ideas for storing your wardrobe that you can implement when you work with cabinetry professionals who install custom closets in Toronto:

1. Footwear: choose between vertical shelving that lets you see all of your footwear options at once, or get drawers underneath cabinets or mirrors to tuck them away neatly and keep them out of sight (and not underfoot).

2. Jewelry: some people love to keep their jewelry on display so that they can choose the piece that fits the occasion, the day, or just their mood, while others like to keep them hidden away.

3. Coats: sick of your mudroom overflowing with coats and jackets for every season and weather condition, each one hiding some forgotten money? Bringing them into your custom walk in closet is one way to stay better organized, and you can sort them out by season. However, if you’d rather keep your outerwear closer to the door, you can also talk to custom cabinetry pros like Space Age Closets for help with your mudroom.


New storage space is a great way to start kicking the clutter out of your life as it gives you a way to neatly organize and store your wardrobe, shoes, accessories, and outerwear. If you really want to declutter your life, consider creating both more storage space and evaluating whether or not you really need to keep everything. Go through your wardrobe and find those items that you haven’t even thought about in years and consider donating or recycling them. Open up more room for the things that you love and give you pleasure, then keep them on display – that way, you won’t wind up doubling up on clothing because you forgot about that jacket you had. Another great way to cut down on the stuff in your life is to consider reducing the amount of luggage you need; cut it down to only what you need when you travel. All those old bags are taking up valuable space and literally weighing down on you, collecting dust in a forgotten corner.

The addition of a new custom closet will help create a better overall living space in your home that provides more organization. Feel comfortable in your home with more storage space that will keep the clutter out of sight and out of mind. If you’re ready to make some major home improvements, get in touch with a Toronto-based company like Space Age Closets for an in-home consultation. Peace of mind and tranquility may be just around the corner.

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