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Prepare For The Holidays With These Plumbing And Draining Tips

The holidays are a great time to get caught up with family and friends, enjoy incredible food, and open presents, but they’re also a time of great physical, financial, and psychological strain that can lead to genuine illness. Your home’s plumbing can add to holiday stress, as well, so be on the lookout for ways to reduce holiday plumbing stress. Your kitchen and bathroom are already the two busiest rooms in your home, and they’ll be getting even more use during the holidays. Just as with humans, ideally plumbing gives signs that it’s becoming “ill” before a genuine health crisis emerges. But have you ever been a guest in a holiday-crowded home where bathrooms are suddenly out of order, bathing water is always chilly due to all of the demand, and even a garbage disposal unit can’t help you clear all of the holiday meal detritus.

Just as your pre-holiday checklists should include presents, groceries, and essentials like batteries, tape, and ribbon, you should have a plumbing “to-do” list as well. To avoid holiday plumbing problems, that list should include:

1. Make Sure You Have Properly Insulated Pipes

“Frozen” pipes don’t just stop the flow of needed water for residents and guests, they can cause piping material to rupture and do serious flooding damage within a home. Canadians are no strangers to the freezing temperatures and actions that can cause these problems, but this plumbing tragedy can be avoided with proper pipe insulation (even simple foam sleeves are helpful), and by allowing faucets to drip in sub-zero weather. For tips on how best to allow dripping without breaking the bank, visit for tips and tricks on how to winterize your home this winter.

2. Get A “Pet” Snake

As any landlord can tell you it’s amazing what tenants (and guests) can manage to drop into sinks and toilets, resulting in severe clogs. It may be tempting to reach for a liquid plumbing chemical, but that type of product isn’t nearly as effective as a plumber’s snake, and can seriously damage plumbing systems.


3. Put Covers On All Drains

You and your family shed a startling amount of hair and drop lots of assorted debris down sink, shower, and bath drains under normal circumstances. Now add all of those holiday guests, and behold Clogzilla. Prevent its creation by installing drain covers before company arrives.

4. Enlist Professional Help

Having a professional plumbing company like WaterWorks Plumbing and Drains to both do pre-holiday maintenance and be available for plumbing emergencies is a great idea. Make sure too, that such a company is affordable, with both free quotes and prices for those jobs honoring those quotes. And find a plumbing company that only charges you for successful repairs as well, as nothing beats the convenience and pleasure of no holiday plumbing problems, leaving you to truly be able to enjoy this wonderful time of year.