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4 Potent Ways to Conduct Market Research and Pinpoint a Profitable Market at No Cost

Future entrepreneurs and also small business owners tend to be misled or perhaps misguided when it comes to performing market research and unearthing a rewarding niche. – revolution can help you.

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The trail most unsuspicious entrepreneurs follow leads them to using keyword research tool or perhaps databases to begin their niche research with.

For years, I have honed my keyword research skills and, eventually, founded one of today’s top online keyword research service providers. That is why, I can tell directly from experiences that keyword centers are not tools you should use or even think about. Why am I saying this?

The primary search databases that are available to the general public at the moment simply give search counts using limited data; specifically, these databases accounts only for 1%-2% of the real searches people carry out around the planet. Therefore, the databases can only foresee (extra emphasis here) most searches made using the five largest search engines—that includes Yahoo, Google,, AOL and MSN—which comprises 97%-98% of all search data.

Aside from that, and more vital to know, is that keyword research only shares with you what keyword phrases are being entered into the aforementioned search engines when people are trying to solve their problems, not necessarily what they purchase online. After all, people may hunt for information regarding their favourite brands, but they might still not buy those products. That’s an integral lesson small business owners and companies often fail to notice.

When trying to find lucrative marketplaces, your main focus needs to be on searching a group of rabid, devoted buyers that will give up their money for your goods and services (these may be in the form of information, physical items, or electronic products). If this crucial qualifier is missing, you might end up having the greatest merchandise in the world but with no one actually buying it.

My post will enumerate fantastic sources you ought to consider to get a running start and locate a totally lucrative industry before you go all out and use every last bit of your resources for a website, merchandise creation or other spending that will get you a kind of web property.

As soon as you establish that you unveiled a market that truly shows signs of abundant business, then you will definitely have a worthwhile reason to start in-depth keyword research to identify the specific keywords people utilize to find the industry you have chosen.

Now, let’s move on to spotting a rewarding market. One of the most rewarding markets is to build a 100k a year online job. – revolution review and bonus does exactly that. They help you build your online income and business.


When it comes to locating absolutely profitable niches, using a magazine about that market as basis is one of the best methods. If the publishing house has adequate money to be able to print and also circulate an entirely colored magazine, then it is certain that it has advertisers backing and ensuring the magazine can distribute every one of its printed copies and it most likely signifies that there are great amounts of revenues being supplied to those advertisers as  well.

Now, this may get you questioning your chances in a magazine where there is an overwhelming number of rivals.

In reality, however, it’s a prosperous sign to have competition as that means there’s an abundance of customers and a percentage of a sizable pie to be had from that market. If there are very few rivals, you may find that you (1) do not have a satisfactory product to offer to that niche; or (2) do not have any marketplace at all. The more business rivals you have, the better the profits you can get.

Without having to abandon your couch, you can join and browse the different categories to discover a lucrative niche in which to commence an online issue.

Two things you should particularly pay attention to is the total number of subscribers each and every magazine has and when the magazine has started distribution to determine the magazine’s stability.

Jot down the names of the magazines you would like to further research, and bring your note along as you through huge dedicated newsstands—the sort that covers almost every magazine about every topic known to man.

To learn more about what folks are buying on the internet, you will need to choose between offering physical products and digital products.


If we are talking about marketplaces garnering massively traffic, experiences heavy merchandise trade, and the top places to discover what people are actually buying, then there are only two sites that come to mind.

Let’s discuss both these massive marketplaces…


On eBay, it is easy to identify the most popular products folks are purchasing via the site auctions or from regular stores set up by vendors. If you want to view a graphic representation of how to identify the most popular goods, please take a look at the extended article version provided below.

The other really huge marketplace we are talking about is Amazon. It is known for books, but you can buy and sell a variety of items through it. In fact, you can even find all popular and high-end name brands there. Again, it is crucial to take note of the best-selling items in each category that you find interesting.


If you need to sell goods of the electronic nature which require no supply facility from you and which promise large profit margins to marketing affiliates, you ought to visit the Clickbank market. This online marketplace gives product rankings using sales as basis, allowing you to find the bestsellers to the least profitable products in each group.

By going through the categories on and looking at the top right-hand side of listings, you’ll quickly find the bestsellers for e-books, software and also subscription services. For further explanations and visual aids, please see the reference section and get the link to the extended version of this post.

After accumulating satisfactory market research, you can pursue any of these steps:

  • Start an internet store and ship physical goods and items (must have inventory space)
  • Offer your products via eBay auctions or stores (must have inventory space)
  • Join a website that allows you to sell via affiliates (no inventory needed)
  • Produce your own merchandise, service or perhaps software and offer your digital merchandise online (no inventory needed)

If you use no less than two of the several places previously mentioned, you can rest assured that you’ve performed thorough market research to find “proof-positive” what people are getting and, consequently, a rewarding niche market.

After, you can easily construct a simple website and feature the merchandise you offer. Next, you can get some affordable keywords and phrases to use with your Google AdWords campaign, using no more than $50 to test the industry and decide whether your choice is a winner.

In the event the initial results pan out, which means that you gained profits from the test, it will be alright to invest more time and effort, perform a more comprehensive keyword research, and also pull out more advertising funds. If the initial results fail to pan out, it will be best to locate another industry until one thing produces a desirable outcome.

I really believe this post provides you with plenty of information you can use to pinpoint a market that will give you bottomless income.

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