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Protect Your Business: Conduct Background Checks When Hiring Employees

When you run a business, one of your main concerns is to protect it from negative influences. That includes the people working for you as well, as each and every one of them represents an important link in your company’s chain of command. That’s why it is extremely important to carefully evaluate your potential employees when you are considering them for a job.

Conducting thorough background checks when hiring should be something every employer does, as it can give a proper insight into the personality and character of every individual that may start working for them. Obviously, no one wants a thief for an employee, right? That’s why background checks are crucial before every job interview even takes place.

Let’s take a look at every aspect that should be covered during background checks, so that you can have an idea of what to look for when you’re hiring new employees.


Check for Criminal Records


Criminal records are usually the first thing almost every employer checks when considering a job application. Whether they hire someone with a criminal record depends on their personal views on that matter, of course, but also on the state law. It also depends on the job itself, especially when it involves working with children or taking care of the elderly, for instance.

Job applicants with criminal records are usually supposed to provide court documents and the proper evidence that shows exactly what happened that got them into trouble. Therefore, when you’re hiring your employees, be sure to check if they have perhaps been on the wrong side of the law and, if so, whether it was something serious or not, as that will also help you make your decision about them.


Educational Background

You must check for your potential employees’ education to make sure you are hiring the right people for the job, since properly educated individuals have much greater knowledge and working abilities in their niche than someone without a day in college. You must hire the best brains possible for your team to ensure your business thrives and educated employees are the key to accomplishing that.\

That being said, not everyone is going to be completely honest, and some will even go to great lengths to pad up their resumes. From frauds with diplomas from fake online colleges and those claiming to have multiple degrees from well-known universities, to people claiming to be war veterans, there is no shortage of people trying to lie their way to a good job. Be sure to check all their claims with the appropriate institutions before hiring someone.


Check for Credit Records



Credit checks are not something every employer conducts, but those that do tend to look at credit records as if they were criminal records. Checking for credit records involves student loans and any other form of late payment that your job applicants may have.

If they happen to have a debt due to medical bills or any other emergency, it is advised not to consider that fact when hiring them. However, if they happen to be drowning in debt due to their mere irresponsibility, it is something to be taken seriously when thinking about hiring them to work for you.


Drug Tests

Requiring drug testing when hiring employees is something that has been accepted by many states and a lot of employers take it as seriously as criminal records, as they should. You wouldn’t want a drug addict to be working for you now, would you?

You want a reliable worker who can perform all the tasks with a clear mind and maximum responsibility. That is why you should seriously consider asking your job applicants to perform a drug test and provide you with the results.

Not many employers do this kind of check, as they only care about their employees finishing their tasks on time, without realizing the extent to which the overall productivity of the company would be increased if drug tests were performed.
Protecting your business from all the potential negative influence should be of the utmost importance, so you must take background checks when hiring employees into serious consideration. Make sure only the best people work for you and you will certainly lead your business to success.