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Qualities of Top Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent isn’t an easy job. It requires perseverance and dedication, and many people simply aren’t cut out to be an agent. But, say you have a passion for selling homes and want to know if you could succeed–what qualities, exactly, make a good real estate agent? Here’s a list of some of the qualities shared by high-level real estate agents:

Communication Skills

If you don’t have high-level communication skills, it’s very difficult to succeed as a real estate agent. A good agent will quickly let you know where you stand and when you should move on to another home or another buyer, and they will always keep you in the loop.

Rather than waiting for the client to call and ask for information, a good agent should constantly be in communication with their client and giving them the information they need.

Networking Skills

Most successful real estate agents are great networkers, and have a wide network of connections within their market.

For example, most agents will have a list of connections including other agents and brokers, appraisers, home inspectors, and of course potential buyers and sellers.

The more connections you have, the better equipped you are to help your clients. Top agents will also have a compelling bio that tells their story (see here for real estate agent bio examples.)

Interest in Real Estate and Architecture

Having a genuine passion for real estate will make you more successful as an agent. This is because it gives you a potential edge over other agents and brokers–if your passion and knowledge about the topic are apparent in conversation, clients are more likely to hire you.

Friendly, Engaging Personality

Believe it or not, being engaging and personable is almost as important as giving your clients information about properties or buyers. That’s because real estate agents aren’t just selling properties, but also, in a way, selling themselves. If you have a positive and proactive attitude, are friendly to clients and seem confident in your abilities, you’ll close more deals.

Organization and Attention to Detail

These traits go hand-in-hand. When taking on multiple clients, or even just to keep track of all factors when buying or selling, a good agent must be highly organized and pay close attention to even minor details. The best real estate agents keep track of both their client’s specific needs as well as important details of different properties, and being organized helps keep an agent from missing any detail.


This is perhaps the most important quality of a good real estate agent. Sellers want an agent that is tenacious and will follow up with a client immediately after a home is shown. Clients appreciate the hard work and determination, and your tenacity will help you close close more deals.

Being a real estate agent isn’t for everyone. But if you have many of these qualities and want more information, such as how much you can expect to make via real estate agent fees, check out online real estate websites for more information.

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