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Realistic Mannequins: The Next Step In Effective Retail Display?

Mannequins have long been an important part of retail for clothing outlets, but they have changed immensely over the years. Realistic Mannequins are amazing. While many of us don’t really think about mannequins all that often unless actually at a display, or watching a particularly creepy episode of Dr. Who, but if you are working this niche in retail then you know how important it can be to have the right mannequins. Realistic mannequins have been the next step as newer models look more and more like real people, especially from a distance, compared to the older versions that were obviously molded plastic from a difference.

Different Materials, Different Designs

While older mannequins were made from a variety of materials, many of the new realistic mannequins are made from fiberglass and are either made from multiple pieces that are put together (arms, legs, bending torso, etc) or otherwise designed so it can be easily taken apart and put back together.
This allows for a variety of looks and poses, and the ability to move the mannequins as needed means that retailers can look at what type of poses make the clothes look their absolute best. The first impression matters so having a mannequin that looks really good and is posed in a way that makes the clothes look their absolute best.

Choose Their Total Appearance

One of the major benefits of going with realistic mannequins is the fact that their appearance can be fully customized. This allows not only for builds that are ideal for the type of clothing that you want on display, but can also allow for ordering the type of realistic mannequins that look a lot like the demographics of the area. Let’s face it, these types of small details make a huge difference in the brain when it comes to deciding whether to buy or not.

This is even besides the fact that you’re going to be more likely to believe good clothes are going to look great on you if they are on a mannequin with the same build, the same skin tone, and the same general look. That becomes a huge selling point.

Almost any detail can be adjusted as needed, including:

  • Varying heights
  • Both genders available
  • Multiple racial or ethnic based appearances
  • Mannequin body type (slim, athletic, voluptuous, etc)
  • Customized looks and more!

Why Go Realistic?

Besides the many reasons already listed in this article? There’s also the fact that in many cases the clothes are simply going to look better on realistic looking mannequins as opposed to torsos, old plastic molds, and other shapes that just simply are not going to have the same contours and fit that the more modern additions to retail outlets are going to have.

There is also the simple fact that these look better, and give off that air of professionalism and style that most clothing stores need to really be seen as one of the best options in their local retail area.

In addition to this, these are also attention getters. For people who haven’t run into these before, it can be funny to see them focusing in on one as they walk down the street, only to realize close up that wasn’t a person they were staring at. Anything that gets attention and jumps out can be used as a benefit to your company.

In Conclusion

There is a lot to like about realistic looking mannequins, even if they tend to be more expensive than the old versions. The better a display looks, the more likely you are to make a sale. This is a huge advantage, especially to stores that really rely on those high end items to make the margin they need. There’s no question that these will continue to grow in popularity.

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