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How to Grow Long Natural Hair Fast – 10 Home Remedies for Women Revealed

If you are suffering from medical female hair loss or female pattern baldness, you most likely understand that hair thinning is not going to threaten your physical life. Even so, the damage on your self-esteem might be dreadful. Hair loss for some is quite like going through an identity crisis.   You might possibly feel the pain about so much hair falling out these days, however it’s also important to notice that there is absolutely no necessity to assume things will always be stuck this way.

Hair loss afflicts a large number of females all over the world. It is not just for guys, as it is often thought. In the US alone, it is reported that possibly up to 25 million women are suffering from hereditary thinning hair. It appears that a lot of women are inflicted with the hair loss and folks should be used to it by now. But it is still considered a condition that draws awkward gazes and brings distress.

However, whatever your condition may be, remember that there is always a solution available. Your hair can recover and grow back to its original length or even longer if you follow these ten home remedies:

Home Remedies for Natural Hair Growth

  1. Applying Rosemary Oil  Rosemary is one of the most effective ways to grow your hair longer and stronger. Some people even say that it is God’s gift for long hair lovers. It helps makes your roots stronger and eliminates dandruff at the same time. The antioxidant properties present in this amazing herb are what help give your hair the boost it needs to become long and shiny! All you need to do is apply some Rosemary oil to your scalp for thirty minutes or until it absorbs. After that you can just wash off with your regular shampoo. You may also apply rosemary water as it strengthens hair growth.
  2. Application of Potato Juice If you didn’t know, potatoes are rich in vitamins. Especially in Vitamin A,B and C. If you are wanting to have long lasting healthy hair, then applying potato juice can help significantly. All you need to do is cut up some slices, throw them in the blender and filter the juice through a cloth. Apply that juice to your scalp and let it work the magic.
  3. Henna Henna is one of those things that have two benefits. First, it gives your hair this amazing shine and second, it helps give it color as well. All you need to do is bring home a pack, dissolve the powder in some water and apply to your hair for about an hour or so. You can then proceed to washing it off. Repeat the process a couple times on a weekly basis.
  4. Castor Oil If there’s one oil that you need in your arsenal, then it is definitely this vitamin E and omega-9 acid rich castor oil. Its application has always proved to be beneficial for long term hair preservation and growth.
  5. Eggs and Yogurt In the Eastern part of the world, people use these home remedies quite a bit. You see how they have long and beautiful shiny hair! Applying egg yolks in combination with yogurt will directly get your hair in contact with the powerful protein content in those ingredients.
  6. Green Tea Another herb that hails from the East is the Green Tea. The antioxidants present in the green tea not only make your hair stronger but also actively prevent hair loss in the long term. All you need to do is prepare the leaves of the tea in a pot. You can do this over the stove or in a microwave oven. Once you feel that the temperature has risen a bit and the water is warm (remember warm not hot!). You can take the mixture and apply it gently to your scalp. Try to leave it on for at least an hour and then you can wash it off. The good thing is, you can use this in place of your shampoo. Just remember to rinse it off with water properly.
  7. Lemon Lemon juice has so many benefits, I would have to write a new article to just list them all! This little citrus fruit contains a plethora of vitamins and several other nutrients including folic acid. Applying lemon juice not only gives your hair strength and makes it shiny, it also stimulates a good amount of blood circulation which is a positive factor preventing hair loss. Just remember to not apply a lot of lemon juice. Use it sparingly and don’t overdo it. Apply no more than once or twice a week, aggressive application may lead to your hair color becoming lighter.
  8. Cumin Seeds We all use cumin seeds every now and then in our food preparation. You probably didn’t know that the vitamins and nutrients contained in cumin seeds also help prevent hair loss and foster healthy hair growth. You can use cumin seeds in combination with the castor oil remedy. Remember to soak them in the oil over night and just apply as is. You can later rinse off and go about your day, having fresh, shiny and silky hair!
  9. The Flower Hibiscus It’s funny that I mention a flower in here. Most people think of flowers as nothing more than having a pleasant smell, they’re a symbol of affection, usually given to your significant other on a special occasion. However, in reality – this flower plays a massive role in hair care. It helps recover thickness and also fosters healthy and long hair growth. You can mix the flower in coconut oil and apply directly to your scalp. Leave it on for about thirty minutes or so before rinsing off.
  10. Fish Oil Last but definitely not the least, fish oil is rich in omega 3 acids. This is again one of those things that have too many benefits to list. However, I can confidently say that it helps smoothen your hair and gives it a magnificent shine along with providing nutrients for your hair to grow stronger and longer. The aforementioned home remedies for hair growth are what have worked for me and a number of people in my friends’ circle and family. You do not need to go to the super market and purchase a fancy hair treatment. Natural remedies are always the best way to go. Why put chemicals and artificial agents in your hair when you can treat it with simple things that are probably already present in your home.

Miss America Hair Loss Story

I’m going to end this article with a cool story. Something very helpful for the female hair loss condition happened with the Miss America beauty contest 2011; we have a bald beauty queen. That has contributed directly to a newfound awareness and interest to the ailment. Chances are, you have probably heard her story – Miss America finalist Kayla Martell. At the young age of 10, Kayla found herself with excessive thinning hair. Kayla Martell was later identified to suffer from the autoimmune hair loss dysfunction labeled Alopecia Areata. In the absence of a wig, she is nearly bald

While Miss Delaware Kayla Martell contested in the beauty contests wearing long flowing wigs, she was also open to being captured pics of with a bald head as well. The thing we all can understand from Kayla is you can be bald and be a woman and still appear gorgeous. Despite being stricken with Alopecia female baldness, her self-esteem and beauty shines through. Lots of folks consider her very pretty and look up to her confidence.

Probably one particular concept that all of us can all take away from is to be able to not resist but instead allow the presence of our ailment. If we are not able to fully allow this situation for ourselves, it is not easy for other folks to accept it in us. As much as hair thinning might be hurtful to our self-image, Kayla Martell’s example definitely shows that accepting and being comfortable in the condition of her unique situation only elicited validation and upbeat feedback from people.

Home Remedies Work – Paying Attention to Your Diet Will Double Your Efforts

There have been a lot of books published that tell us how we see ourselves will solidly have an effect on the way many others see us. The more that we can see ourselves as being attractive individuals, the more others will see us that way.

Staying on a balanced and healthy diet that is conducive to new hair growth is still one more road to cope with the situation of women’s hair loss. It works on two levels. For starters, healthy hair growth is the result of selected nutrients and vitamins. A lot of dermatologists agree that many of their patients experience serious hair loss in large part due to the deficiency of these vital nutrients and vitamins, such as iron, protein and biotin. Secondly, along with maintaining a diet that boosts hair regrowth, you are simultaneously caring for your own body’s health. This type of focus most likely enables you to feel better about yourself and increase your self-esteem.

Finally, directing your efforts on finding applicable female hair loss treatments is another beneficial way of addressing the affliction. You can find many female hair loss treatment solutions available, such as cortisone injections, laser hair combs or hair surgery. There are also solutions to transform your looks aesthetically such as wearing new hairstyles, employing hair weaving systems, and wigs. The right treatments should allow you to enhance your self-esteem and/or cure your hair growth situation in the end.


There is nothing that beats natural promotion of hair growth and preservation. Having luxurious locks often defines who we are. Keeping our tresses looking perfectly fine all the time is important to all of us. If you keep in mind that the changes will start to show once you start applying these remedies and maintain a balanced diet, you can set up a plan to get yourself ready for the modifications in your look and the adjustments you will encounter in your state of mind.

Visit your hairdresser and ask them what you can do to retain your look in the meantime, especially if you are facing excessive visible hair loss. They have a lot of information about different styles of wigs, head scarves, and even wraps that would look smashing on you and give you the confidence to undergo this difficult time while you recover. They may suggest that you cut your hair shorter to help retain as much hair as possible, or creating a style of wig that is the same as your style now.

Hairspray and other things used to style your locks can irritate your scalp and keep it from being healthy. To keep your scalp feeling good, use creams and lotions that can ease the discomfort of sensitive skin. Also, you will want to use something that will keep the skin soft and free from dryness so that it does not become irritating.

Eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables, as often as you can, will help your body fight the loss of vitamins and minerals that are often depleted in individuals. Eating foods rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, and most of the B vitamins will help you preserve the health in your hair follicles and following the remedies listed above will serve as a deadly combination.

When we are stressed out, we cannot sleep properly. When you do not sleep properly, the stress will affect your body. The loss you are experiencing from your scalp can be lessened by learning how to relieve that stress with natural practices, such as meditation or holistic treatments meant to relaxing you naturally.

Hair plays such a big part of our whole being, it can be devastating to lose or damage it. Being smart about fighting the adverse effects will keep your body in a positive state. For women, hair is often tied closely to self-image. So even if you think you have healthy hair right now, follow some of the remedies above and keep a balanced diet. It is better to prevent hair loss rather than to try to regrow after becoming bald.

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