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Remote Work: Pros and Cons

The most frequently asked question in recent times in the minds of people has been whether work from home is a blessing or a curse. Working remotely may save you a lot of costs and most importantly, it might save you from the risk of catching the virus. However, while remote work may bring about much flexibility in your life, not everyone can easily adapt to it. Humans are social beings hence we all crave social interaction in our lives. Before making any final decisions, let’s take a look at both the pros and cons of working remotely and what it has to bring for us. 

Pros of remote work

  • More family time – the biggest benefit remote work has brought about is that you can spend more time with your loved ones. Some people used to work 12 hours a day and barely gave their partners or children any time which had started to impact their personal lives. Due to the work from home, such people can not only work and earn money but can also balance their family time with it. This also has great psychological benefits as well as it is proven that spending time with people close to you helps lower down your stress levels. 
  • More time to polish your skills and practice hobbies – this is another benefit that remote work has brought about. Rather than working hours on the office desk in front of a PC, you now have time during the day to practice skills you are passionate about. Be it sports or any other skill, you can catch up with your friends and have some fun. Moreover, if you like to cook, you can also help your partner around the house and give your family a surprise. Working on your own self is an important part of self-growth. Due to work from home, you will be able to balance out your priorities and make your life fun again. topfakeid best fake id
  • Work and comfort hand in hand – many people often complain about backache and knee pain after spending hours in front of a PC sitting in one position. Oftentimes, many people also develop serious health conditions if they spend long hours every day working. Due to work from home, you can work from the ease of your bedroom if you may please. You can sit on the most comfortable sofa and put on the comfiest outfit to make your job fun. This way while you are comfortable, you will not get tired so soon which means that you will be able to do more work than normal. Hence, remote work also results in increased productivity levels.
  • Greater savings at home – working from home has proved to be a real money saver. You do not have to spend loads of money on a daily commute paying for travel tickets or spending money on fuel and gas. A part of our income is spent on our travel expenditure which ultimately lowers down our income. But due to remote work, we do not have to work as our office during this time is any room of our house. Hence, the traveling money is saved which can be later spent on any vacation or can simply be saved for the long run. 

Cons of remote work

  • Unhealthy routine – even though there is nothing more peaceful than remote working, but this too has some downsides. When you sit in one place all day and do not leave the house, you tend to gain weight. All the food that you eat does not burn or does not get converted into energy. Rather, all that food is stored in your body as fat. In such cases, you must join a gym or get some home equipment to save yourself from any health conditions. Simply a jog in the street outside would save you from a lot of trouble as well. 
  • Less social interaction- being at home means that your interaction would only be limited to your family. With the current pandemic conditions, people also do not visit anyone’s house as there is a danger of catching and spreading the virus. Interaction with people has become virtual which can affect your communication skills as well. Moreover, as social beings, we need to go out to social gatherings to keep our sanity intact because otherwise, isolation can take a toll on our mental health. 
  • Not adequate space for everyone – for those of us who are blessed to live in big houses with multiple rooms, work from home might not seem a bad idea after all. But there are people among us who live in studio apartments or two-room apartments with their whole families. Everyone living in such small places can lead to congestion and discomfort. Moreover, with more people in a small space, there is more disruption. Working in such an environment also lowers your productivity levels as you have a hard time concentrating. If this affects your performance, in the long run, your employer can also end up firing you. Hence, working in a quiet place is also important for greater productivity. 
  • Isolation and mental health – for those people who live alone, isolation can take a toll on their mental health. Living alone in houses for a month without having any interactive workplace can result in greater feelings of loneliness and can even turn into clinical depression. With the stress of pandemic already upon us, isolation is going to be another curse that is further going to aggravate our mental health. Once your mental well-being is compromised, your persona life, relationship, and even your job can also potentially be on the line. 

Although on the surface level remote working seems convenient, there are many underlying disadvantages as well which surely cannot be ignored. People need to interact to stay mentally stable and to stay productive hence they cannot be cut off completely from the rest of the world. While on the other hand, the excessive workload is also not good for one’s well-being. Hence a balance of work and private life must be achieved which would be of greater benefit for all.