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Rocket League | The Next Big Video Game To Hit | Rocket League Training

Introduction to Rocket League

For those of you that don’t know yet, Rocket League is a new video game that is across three major platforms. Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4, and Steam (Computers). This game has skyrocketed with interest from a ton of gamers and has been featured as a new esport. The matches are short but highly interactive and they are extremely fun to watch. When you first pick up the game there are some major things you have to learn in order to enjoy it.

If you try hard and learn a ton then one day you can play like these guys. See Below. Don’t Worry though. There are plenty of Rocket League Noobs Out There.

Rocket League Training

Noob Tip Number One

Know your settings. You need to know which button does what. It is that simple. To many times in a game especially new players, press jump instead of turbo.

You also will want to edit buttons to make them easier to press together. When you are thinking about making a hard turn then you will want to be able to boost with it as well. That is a no brainer. The normal configuration for you controller make that really difficult to do. So edit your settings for your controller configuration.

You will also want to adjust the field of view and your camera settings. This small setting is talked about a lot as each player has their own preferences. I would definitely edit to have a wider field of view and make sure that the camera shaking feature is off.

Noob Tip Number Two

The second thing to do is to hop in the game and start playing the bots. This is where you can gain some simple skills. I would not go online yet for sure. When you are playing the bots then you will learn what you don’t know which will bring you to the real second tip. I just know that you are anxious to play first so you wouldn’t listen.

Go through the tutorial. Make sure you go through the Pro training. Do not play a lot until you have went through the training and actually used it as training. This means that you may have to spend ten minutes every day for a month on it in order to really get good at it. This is understating what I feel you should do.

Tip Number Three

Make sure and know your cars.

Not every car in the game is the same regardless of what others say. You will find out that they each have different turn radius as well as larger front ends that will help you connect with the ball. The cars are a big factor in the game and choosing the one that fits you style is really important.

Tip Number Four

When you are really having fun at the game you learn the teamwork is more important than anything. In order to play as a solid team then you can not chase the ball.

Learn Rotation!

There are several ways to rotate but the easiest thing to remember when you first start is that if you and another player are in the same place on the pitch, then you should fall back or to the other side. This way you spread the field consistently. This makes it harder for the defending team as well as makes you better at not giving up goals on long shots.

Tip Number Five

Learn from YouTube. There are a ton of channels out there that will teach you Aerials and all sorts of high level tricks and tactics. Start with noob training and then progress. That way you can grow into the training from superstars like Kronovi and SubParButInHD.

Watch Youtube and then practice what you watch.

Tip Number Six

Don’t overshoot the ball. Stay back and pick your spots. Be the player that your team needs. A lot of times you are playing with randoms and they are going to not follow the tips above. Your best bet to win is to hang back and guard the goal. When your team goes to offense then come to just before the half line. This is a great place in the lower ranks to pick off long hit balls and punish the other team with long goals.

Your win rate will go up and your team mates will love you if you follow this one piece of advice.

Final Tip Number Seven

Stay consistent and don’t get discouraged. When you watch Noobs like yourself laughing at themselves then you can also not be as frustrated at how bad you are at the game. When you watch Kronovi then of course you feel terrible. He is the best in the world.

Watch a couple of the videos like these often. They will help you feel better about how bad you are at the game.


Enjoy the game and if you have not played it yet then definitely try it out. It is a lot of fun and never gets old. I personally play it a few times a week to decompress and veg out when the time allows. Hope to play with you soon.


All in all Rocket League is an amazing game that never gets old. The way they built the rankings you constantly feel challenged and every once in a while you feel like a superstar at the game, when everything, goes perfect. The other times you are challenged and yet have fun. It is a lot like hitting that one perfect golf shot or catching that one big fish, it keeps you coming back over and over and over.