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Schedule of a Cat Day Care Revealed

At we make sure to provide assistance with every aspect of pet ownership. For cat owners, going out of town and leaving your pet behind is not an ideal situation. However, it is inevitable. We want you to be prepared when the situation arises. Hence, we present an ideal daily routine for a cat day care. Make sure to reference it when you board your furry friend.

7 am: Good morning!!!  This is when the staff come in and clean cages, empty litter boxes, and provide fresh clean beds, water and medicine. The lucky ones also get our morning cuddles in the process.

8 am: Breakfast time.  Everyone gets breakfast just like at home.  Yum!!  If there is any left over from the night before, it may be a little crusty by then, so they usually discard it.  Some lucky kitty gets to go into the playroom which is followed by others throughout the day.

9 am: Play time.  Around this time new kitties come in and others get picked up by their parents to go home. The staff work hard during this time to do the laundry and dishes too, so your cats can have them clean for the next day.

10 am: Its spa time.  This is when your cats get brushed, bathed, and get their nails done. If they aren’t due for any of these, then hugs and cuddles are to follow. It’s someone else’s turn in the playroom.

11 am: All of the cats got baths get to be brushed again so they dry fast. More laundry and dishes get done.  One more kitty gets in the playroom. Which is followed by nap time.

12 noon: Nap time for the furry ones and lunch time for the staff.  All the lights are turned off, soothing music is turned on, until they get back. The clinic technicians usually come over at this point and check out the cats.

3 pm: Time to wake up. This is when the litter boxes changed, and your cats get a good afternoon petting.  Once more, the playroom is switched out.  This is followed by treats and maybe, cat nip.

4pm: Dinner time!!!  Your cats get fed again, with clean bowls and fresh food for everyone. It’s someone else’s turn in the playroom and people can come and go to take their cats home or drop them off now.

5 pm: Time for the staff to do more laundry and dishes. It’s also time to do paperwork for the next day, this is a good time for a little self-grooming too.  And yes, once again, another kitty gets to go play.

6 pm: Evening medication is given out.  The last kitty is put into the playroom for the day.  It’s the luckiest of all because it gets to spend the whole night in there.  Lights are turned out, and it is time for bed.

This is a good guideline that one of the best cat day cares in town follows. They were kind enough to disclose it. They also mentioned that having a clean environment and providing safe food for cats is always their top priority.