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SEO Begins With a Mindset

It is not uncommon for people to ask me in any number of ways, how to rank a web site.  I’ll get, “How do you rank your sites?”, “What is the best way to rank a site?”, “Can you teach me the best way to rank a site?” and forty other variations of that same question.

My answer is always the same, “Every Site Requires a Different Process to Rank.”

There is no such thing as a surefire way to rank any website and as the algorithms of the search engines evolve, there never will be either.

That is a good thing as otherwise there would be all manner of ridiculous websites taking up all the front pages of Google and getting the majority of the traffic.  It would also give Google indigestion in proportions  that even a Costco sized package of Tums could not handle.

This Is Not a Lawn

Ranking a website is not unlike taking care of one’s lawn.  Sure you could go out there once a week and run your mower over it and the grass would be shorter but that would not be a lawn. It would be an area of earth that was covered with green foliage, the majority of which is some kind of grass.

That is fine for your average homeowner, and even fine for the web site hobbyist but not for a person that is looking to get organic traffic to their sites benefiting from having the keywords that are associated with their sites showing up on the first page of Google. That requires lawn care management and that does not happen if all you do is roll your mower out once a week and run it across a patch of green stuff in front of your house.

Do Some Due Diligence

To rank a website, you need to think like a lawn care professional.

A person who is interested in keep a lawn, instead of growing grass, will take the time to see what lawn is best to grow in his area with his soil as opposed to just grabbing the least expensive bag of seed.

A smart website owner is going to take the time to find a solid domain as opposed to going to Godaddy et al and finding one that sounds nice but has no muscle.

Shake Things Up

A lawn care professional does not mow his lawn in the same direction every time.  One time it will be vertical, another horizontal, yet another diagonal with variations in between.

A website owner will add content in different lengths, at different times and using different <h> tags, images and image sizes and change up his theme or look periodically.

Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance
Now this is a Lawn!

Someone who is caring for their lawn properly will use an edger to make it sharp looking, a weed wacker to keep overgrowth from going where it does not belong and aerate a couple of times a year to give the lawn room to grow and keep the soil from impacting.

Be Diligent!

A professional website owner will take the extra few steps to make sure that all his T’s are crossed and all his I’s are dotted to ensure that every little detail is managed perfectly.  Leaving something undone is leaving the door open to issues and possible lack of rankings.

Someone that has a vested long term interest in their lawn is going to use the proper fertilizer at the proper time and not over fertilize.   They are also going to make sure that should bugs appear, and they will, that they are treated in a way that makes the lawn a place that they don’t find hospitable.

A website owner will not just backlink using any old process(s) but will see what works best for their site, in their niche and with their competition.  Doing what the “other guy” is doing is not always the best and more often than not going to hurt their site so they strategize and come up with a plan that will benefit their site the most.

Sure, I could give those that ask me a 9 page ebook and charge them $17.00 for the answer to their, “How to rank a website?” question but then we would have patches of grass all over the place without any chance of them becoming a lawn and beautifying the planet.

Or, I could explain as I did above that there is no one perfect way and get their mind thinking as to what they needed to do to rank THEIR sites and end up seeing them make money from their efforts.

I already have $17.00 so I offer the latter.

If you want to rank your sites, you’ll take a different approach and consider the above.  Doing that will, at the very least, get you on the right path and getting on the right path is half the battle.