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Show your Kids that Learning can be Fun

It is a well-known fact that the early years in a child’s development lay the foundation for all the things that come in the future. The intake of new information helps in forming new and active neural pathways. Studies show that children who develop their learning habits in the early stages of development have a better chance of graduating from high school, attending college, having fewer behavioral problems, etc. This is why early education plays a critical role in this development period. Here, we offer you some advice on how to help your child create learning habits through fun and play.

Learning numbers


An early introduction to science and math is a very important step in a child’s development process. For instance, playing with sand and water can serve as an introduction to math and science. Your kid can learn about solid and liquid states and how can they be measured.

Many youngsters enjoy playing with dice. You can teach your kid numbers really quickly by writing them on the piece of paper and circling them each time you throw the dice.

You can always look for other interesting ways to improve your child’s numerical and logical skills, problem solving skills and analytical words.

This number game will work even on number-shy kids.

Teach your kid reading

There are many incredible and fun ways to help your kid learn letters. There is always the alphabet hunt. You should ask your child to find the letter that makes a certain sound or the letter a specific word starts with. Make spaghetti-like pieces out of colored paper and mix them with colorful letters.

Once they learn letters, you can make a scrabble variation. See how many words your kid can come up with based on the letters they got.

A phonics flip chart is an excellent way to help your kid gain some confidence in recognizing words.

The world around us


You should always keep in mind that children learn by playing, touching, seeing, tasting or watching and copying people close to them. When playing, children get a sense of the ability to feel good about themselves, which gives them a sense of self-worth.

Developing logic can be achieved through fun, by building blocks and jigsaws. Also, you can introduce your kid to a shape sorter in order to help him/her with recognizing different shapes and putting things in order.

If you want to wake up creativity and imagination in your little ones, play with them by using dough, or do a dressing up session. You can also draw and paint pictures with your child. Getting your both faces covered in paint will hardly be something easy to forget.

If you want your kid to learn about music and develop their listening and hearing skills, there is no better way than singing and playing musical instruments with them.

The easiest way you can help your child make sense of the world is to act out various situations with them.  

Play, play and play some more

Don’t push your kid into things they don’t want to do in that moment. Learning at this age is supposed to be fun. Let them experiment through play. Every child is specific and that’s why you need to let your kid develop his/her own way in their own time.

You should be aware that playing means a lot to your little one. It helps your child relax, develop social skills, a sense of cooperation and much more.  

These tips can help you spend quality time with your child in a constructive way. A child’s brain is like a sponge. You just have to present it with engaging and fun materials in order to get the desired effects. Keep in mind that these are just some of the many ways to help your child learn through fun activities.

This field offers endless possibilities. If you don’t feel creative enough to think of something yourself, don’t worry. There are many great ideas online to help you add a little fun to your child’s learning process.

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