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SImple Iphone Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Owning an IPhone means that you are free from all worries regarding technicalities that are usually found in a normal phone. It is true that having a device like IPhone is the coolest thing in today’s society. Furthermore, even though it is quite expensive but it offers extensive value to its user. That’s marketing 101; giving your customer a valuable product in order to satisfy their needs. However, we also come across some situations in which we get stuck while using an IPhone. It may concern the fact that we want to fix a disabled IPhone but do it without using iTunes or any simple factotum of making it work in an effective manner. How about getting to know some simple IPhone hacks to make your life easier? Lucky for you. I have compiled a list of some simple IPhone hacks which will make your lives convenient in a lot of ways. Take a look at the following hacks:

Fast Performance

Isn’t that something we will all love? What do we like about an IPhone? The fact that it never gets stuck. How about increasing its performance speed? In order to do that clear your Random Access Memory (RAM), after that come back on the home screen, hold the power button till the words Swipe to Power off Appears on the screen. Switch back to the home screen and hold for five seconds. It will do the job!

Extended Battery Life

This is something we have all experienced one way or the other. It can be easily tackled by going to Settings, then Battery and then set it on Low Power Mode (If your phone is running on iOS9 which has a lot of exciting features. By doing so, all the unnecessary tasks are disabled and you can get extended battery life up to four hours.

Erase Error While Typing

We all come across this issue one way or the other and it bugs us a lot. However, if you are an IPhone user you must know that if you make a mistake while typing you simply need to shake the phone from side to side to erase the written words and then start over. No harm right?


Keep IPhone From Restarting

You are in a middle of a very important task and your device reboots or restarts. All your valuable data if not saved is lost. That is really a bummer, right? However, in order to prevent this, you can easily keep your device from restarting by turning off the mobile data, reset the phone, get rid of a nonessential application, restore your phone on iTunes or get a new battery for your phone.

Save Time On Searches

We are all busy individuals and time is money for us. Quite often we find ourselves using the internet on our phones but get stuck with the slow speed of the internet. In order to save time on searches, IPhone offers you with the hack of holding the (period button) while typing an address to show a series of URL suffixes. Cool right?


Custom Vibrations

If you are an IPhone user it is most likely that you keep your phone on silent mode if you are at work or while you are sleeping. As its users, we always wanted to customize the buzzing of vibration as well. You can do that now! Go in contact, select any person and press edit. You will find a vibration option. After selecting that it will give you plenty of options to start off with, including the fact of creating your own new vibration! Happy buzzing!

Turn Off Costly Features

Money is dear to all of us. As an IPhone user; you would also get the convenience of turning off features that would be costing you tons of money. It can be easily done by going into the setting, then cellular and then switching off WiFi assist.

Save Date Allowance

IPhone may be an amazing device to use but one of the backward thing about it is that it comes with the built-in memory and does not have a memory card slot. In order to save your data allowance, it can be done by going to settings then mobile data where you can limit application access.

Data use

Turn Off Emergency Alerts

This is something that keeps you on track and works as a reminder for the things you might have forgotten. However for some people, it can be vice versa. In order to turn off emergency alerts to save yourself from the buzzing and blaring of sirens, it can be done by going to settings then notification and then switch off amber alerts and emergency alert.

Frequent Locations

IPhone offers you with the service of storing your visited location with the help of GPS. It can be done by going to settings then privacy, then location services and then system services in order to take a look at your frequent locations.

To put it into simple words there are tons of hacks and tips for an IPhone which can make your life much easier and simpler.