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Single vs Double: What Entry Door Type Is Best?

No two entry door styles are the same. When choosing one for your home, material, style, and functionality are all important factors to consider. But one important question will often come up: “Do I choose a single or double door?”. There are many things that make single and double doors different from one another, but there are also some criteria you should be following as an informed consumer regardless of your choice.

Whether you go with a single or double door, remember that the quality of your door is incredibly important for long-term satisfaction. Before you even consider a choice between single or double doors and which suit your home better, you need to choose the right manufacturer and installer. With the help of a trusted and reliable installer like Centennial Windows & Doors for example, you can focus on aesthetic value and curb appeal, without worrying about whether it will function as well.


Size Matters

It should go without saying, but a determining factor in your door selection process will be the size of your home’s entry opening. If your entrance is large, you have considerable room when choosing designs and styles with near-limitless room for customization. However, not all homes are regularly outfitted with large entrance openings. This has resulted in single doors being the more common choice in most homes.

Not sure if your entrance will support a double door? Don’t guess — measure it and talk to your manufacturer to see how your door size can be adjusted.


Form & Function

If you want your home to look good, your entry door system should look good too. While single doors are often a reliable choice for many homes, it’s difficult to ignore the stately beauty of a grand double door entry. Thanks to their large width and freedom for customization, double doors offer a grand experience that adds space to any entryway.

Single doors can also complement the aesthetics of your home, albeit in different ways. While less grandiose than double doors, they offer a subtle charm that can be personalized easily with vibrant colours or opened with bright door lights.


Consider the Cost

Similar to many home projects, entry door systems usually get more expensive the bigger they get. This is usually due to the amount of material needed and the increased installation difficulty with bigger doors. Don’t let this deter you, however — both door styles can prove to be valuable. Single doors, the naturally cheaper option, are the most cost-efficient on a budget. That being said, double doors can add value to your home, making them a worthwhile investment for your home’s future resale value.

With either option, it’s wise to talk with your manufacturer. They can give you a better understanding of which style better suits your home — and your wallet.

Your front door is the first thing that visitors will see when they approach and enter your home and the last thing they’ll see when they leave. Whether it’s single or double, let your front door be an artistic expression. With a reliable manufacturer, your options to customize and beautify your entry system are limitless.