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Six Tips to EFFECTIVELY use a Time Tracker Software for Freelancers

Freelancers frequently encounter problems like tight deadlines, budgeting issues, lack of projects and the list goes on.

No matter if freelancers are a veteran or a beginner, these struggles are never-ending.

Using a time tracker software dissolves most freelancing problems like scheduling, productivity, and financial management.

Are you new to freelancing? Still, figuring out how to overcome these challenges? Then, this article is for you.

  • Track all your Tasks

Working on multiple projects is the day to day routine of the freelancers. It may be the nature of your profession or maybe to meet daily needs.

Unless you start to track time, your minutes would be wasted in procrastination or burning out.

Firstly, start to evaluate how much time you spent on each project, then optimize your time allocation for multiple project projects accordingly. 

Time tracker software like FreshBooks has workflow tracking and timesheets to analyze your work hours actively.

Sometimes, this is difficult when working from home, as many other factors influence diversion and distraction. So, try to balance between work and life efficiently.

  • Detailed Reporting of your Tasks

To kick off the factors that hinder your productivity, this trick is an effective one. The best time tracker software like Time Doctor not only tracks your time but also generates automatic reports based on your activity.

Besides, it records and presents information about your productive and unproductive work. 

Interestingly, it shows the statistics on the websites and apps you have visited that day. These features are uncommon in other time tracking apps.

  • Automated Features

It would be great if someone would work for us. Fortunately, a good time tracker software for freelancers works like a robot. 

This machine gathers all the information about your work and presents it in a visually appealing way. 

Suppose you’re working on multiple projects simultaneously, and you’re so confused about the specific details of each project. 

In that case, a good time tracking app will showcase all the reports on separate tabs, which you can automatically email to your clients.

  • Acts as an Accountant

Should you include billable and non-billable hours in your invoice? How much to bill your client? These random questions are tricky when your work is based on different payoffs.

Freshbooks has an invoicing tool to conserve your freelancing financial aspects. To measure project profitability, you can implement the invoice’s time entries to clarify to your clients.

Furthermore, you can differentiate and comprehend the hours spent on paid projects and non-billable projects seamlessly. This way, Freshbooks acts as your accountant.

  • A Friendly User Interface

As a freelancer, you may be busy with multiple tasks. When working on two systems is your routine, it would be hard for you to handle. 

Then, why depending on several apps, when you have a Time Doctor desktop app. 

All you can do is install it in your system, whether it is mobile or desktop, then it automatically works in the background while working, and the data is stored in the cloud.

Besides, it gives you the freedom to manually enter in the timesheet.

  • Smooth Integration

Being a freelancer, it is imperative to know the technological tools for making your daily work easier.

It facilitates communication, project management, budgeting, and team management every day.

So, look for an all in one-time tracking tool that integrates with your system.


As a freelancer, you better know the value of your time. So, using time tracker software can create a lot of positive changes than you imagine. We hope these simple yet useful tips make your freelancing career fruitfully.

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