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Sleep and Productivity: Tips to Restful Nights for Improved Productivity

If I had a penny for each time an entrepreneur talked about having to wake up and sleep at ungodly hours for seven days a week then I’d be well on my way to retirement. It is admirable that someone can make such sacrifices for their enterprise. However, depriving yourself of a well-deserved rest is a disaster waiting to happen. At the end of the day you are working toward a better future with stability in terms of wealth and health. The problem comes in when the value of wealth is given priority at the expense of health.

Sleep is vital to any aspiring entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to work hard but it is better to find balance between work and rest. According to researches done lack of enough sleep can at everyone and anyone who crosses your path. Fact is you do not want to start your day off arguing while you could be out there being productive. It takes more than just The Best Mattress to have that peaceful night sleep. Here are a few tips to keep you well rested and up your productivity.

Create the environment

According to stats an average human spends more than a third of their life time in bed. That is a lot of time so that means you have to create the perfect ambiance for you to rest in the right manner. There are plenty of adverts promising a good night sleep claiming to sell the best mattress. Don’t fall for that since in most cases the layout of your room is what distracts you from sleeping. A simple thing such as poor lighting can throw your night off completely. When it’s time for beds it’s time for bed, it’s time for bed this means you have to turn off your phone, your laptop and any other noise that will keep you up.

Stay away from caffeine

It is understandable that in this fast paced world one would want to keep up and in doing so caffeine becomes a best friend. The effects of coffee on your sleeping pattern cannot be stressed enough. The properties of coffee and any other caffeinated drink are meant to keep you up and that is what you need to avoid after signing out from work. Stick to non-caffeine drinks and water would be the best bet. If coffee is something you must have put at least 5-6 hours between the consumption and your bed time.

Sleep early

Early to sleep early to rise. It’s a cliché but it’s true. Try sleeping as early as you can this will give your body more time to rejuvenate and relax for the day’s work ahead of you. As a business person or an employer you are going to deal with different people and some of them may get on your nerve. With a relaxed mind it will be easy to deal with people who probably didn’t get enough sleep.

Watch your diet

What we eat determines how our bodies function and in extension how we function on a daily basis. Diet is not just for loosing that extra weight you think you have gained over the week. A good diet influences your sleep pattern as well. Maintain a healthy diet with plenty of water and vegetables especially when it comes to the last meal of the day. Avoid spicy food and alcohol.

Work out

A good work out regime does more than just give you that body shape you have been dreaming of. Regular workout relaxes your body by increasing blood flow to your brain as well as your entire body. But be careful not to work out at night or before bed time since this will be detrimental to your sleep. The morning workouts are the best so as soon as you wake up hit the gym, go for a run or jog around your neighborhood or do some simple stretches at home.

Build a sleep routine

Your body has a clock that is built from our daily routines.  If you choose a specific time for bed and make it a daily habit to sleep at that specific time. Your body will; eventually get used to it and you will have a well-rested night and the ability to be more productive at work.

There you go, important tips to rejuvenate your mind and body for improved zeal for your work and business. Try it and you will be surprised by the results.