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Smartphone Safety: How Samsung Keeps the Galaxy S7 Safe

Why Is Smartphone Security So Important?

With the advent of the digital lifestyle, it seems that our entire lives are focused around smartphones and loaded into these tiny devices no larger than the palms of our hands. Everything from personal information to photos of our loved ones to our banking information travels through our phones. Threats like the Stagefright scare expose the vulnerability of smartphones and the impact that such security breaches can have on our lives.

Fortunately, manufacturers like Samsung constantly upgrade the protection of their users. They take into account physical security, such as their “lifeproof” engineering philosophy in which phones are certified water-resistant. They include access security, such as fingerprint recognition technology to unlock your phone. Perhaps most importantly, they build in data security for protection against continuing online threats.

Why Choose the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

Samsung Galaxy






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One of the most exciting new features on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones is the inclusion of Intel Security. All will come with McAfee VirusScan Mobile pre-installed at no additional charge. This powerful software is the most cutting-edge protection against malware, viruses, Trojans, and other malicious code.

Smartphone infiltration has historically been more of an afterthought for cybercriminals. Nowadays, however, as consumers access everything from credit card numbers to medical records on their devices, savvy hackers are developing new ways to steal information or take control of devices entirely. Intel Security’s recent Mobile Threat Report revealed that about three million devices were attacked via mobile app stores alone within a six-month period. Cybercrime is not only more prevalent, but more destructive, with each passing year.

How Does Galaxy S7 Security Stand Above the Rest?

Anyone can download antivirus software for their phone, but Samsung has taken it to the next level with the introduction of the Android Security Patch Level feature on the Galaxy S7. This subtle feature, found under the About Phone menu, shows the exact date of the last Android patch applied.

While Android remains the clear smartphone OS market share leader, its general security has often been questioned. Galaxy S7 users can breathe easy, knowing that their phones will remain safe against both existing and newly developed online attacks.

How Does McAfee VirusScan Mobile Protect Smartphones?

Cybercrime is lurking everywhere, and the slew of available smartphone apps is an easy gateway into your device. Even highly reputable platforms such as Apple App Store and Google Play are hosting apps with hidden agendas. VirusScan checks all smartphone apps for malicious code. It even protects your privacy by checking if the app is asking for more data access than it actually needs. Internet downloads are also scanned.

Privacy is a huge concern, especially when phones are shared with others. McAfee technology allows users to password-protect individual apps to lock out prying eyes. Spammers and unwanted text messages can be weeded out via the Call and SMS Filter.

As with desktops, using your phone to surf the Internet for shopping or to connect with others via social networking platforms can have its risks. McAfee utilizes real-time web protection to block access to sites that contain potentially damaging code. Everything from text messages to QR codes to email are scanned for links going to dangerous sites or files.

At some point, every smartphone user has gone through the panic of a lost or misplaced device. McAfee has you covered with a GPS phone locator, accessible through any web browser. Lost your phone while playing in a ball pit? The SCREAM feature allows you to find a dropped phone just about anywhere.

If your phone is actually stolen, options are available. Back up your phone remotely, and personal data can be restored later on any supported mobile device. Next, use Remote Wipe to eliminate browsing history, SD card data, text messages, photos, and more.

McAfee VirusScan knows how to protect itself, too. If a smartphone thief nabs your device, they can’t simply uninstall the VirusScan app to bypass its protective features. A password is required to delete the app.

As smartphones become more powerful and are more immersed in our lives, the importance of protecting our digital security becomes more critical. Choosing the right device with the right security precautions can prevent you from being another cybercrime statistic.

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