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Spokesmodels like Ashley Graham Know that Plus Sizes are In

Plus size model Ashley Graham talks about changing a woman’s mindset with body positivity. She mentions how in her past, she struggled to simply look at her reflection – feeling all kinds of negativity until one day, she came to an epiphany. She decided to make a conscious effort to view herself in a more positive light, succumbing less often to crippling societal pressures and standards of beauty. While admitting that it wasn’t a stress-free task, she also didn’t expect to change the modeling industry when she began her career. It became clear that Graham’s message was something many women both wanted and needed to hear. Graham’s dramatic moment happened in February of 2016, as she posed as the first size 16 to ever be displayed on a Sports Illustrated cover. In this October’s Self Magazine, “plus-size” model Ashley Graham is featured on yet another cover – because every day women are interested in seeing body types that reflect their own. Ashley is an advocate for the latest trends in plus size swimwear for women and even has her own line of plus size swimwear that she proudly endorses.


Do you ever come across those articles in magazines at the start of the New Year about getting in shape, about preparing that summer body for the hottest new suits? But when you browse through that magazine, it seems the only women featured are under a size 2? It’s no wonder that feelings of disappointment, sadness and rage start flooding your entire body, but don’t feel discouraged just yet. If you’re larger than a size 2, you have options too, and your most reliable source is the internet. Now, where to start searching? Finding where to go when you don’t know where to go can be daunting. Fear not, websites such as specialize in plus size swimwear and through their handy size guide starting at size 8 and going all the way up to 34, you’re bound to find the right fit for your body. What’s more is that for limited time only, you could save 30% or more site wide! Of course it is always a plus shopping for suits online because there is the guarantee that you can buy all year long.


Before deciding on your next bathing suit, the best way to get yourself prepared is by determining your body shape. Don’t arbitrarily hide your figure with just any one-piece or plain white t-shirt – flatter your curves and display your body proudly! Because everyone is shaped differently, what works for one woman won’t necessarily compliment your body. For an apple-shaped body, focus on the legs and have slightly more coverage in the bust area – the way to go is a one-piece. For pear-shaped bodies, give your bust and upper body area some love – the way to go is a tankini, skirtini, or one-piece; these choices accentuates the top but hide the lower body. If you have a large bust, comfort and support should be the primary focus – halter tops with thick straps and underwire are a great choice; the A-line effect from halter tops gives off a slimming effect.

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