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Strange Foods That Dogs Can Eat

A lot of pet owners are afraid to give their dog anything but dog food.  The Dog Food Comparison & Nutrition Guide breaks out what dogs and and can’t eat. However, there are a lot of strange and funny human foods that you can give to a dog without worry. We went looking into this subject and found great information on Pet Consider. Here are a few of the more unusual foods that dogs can digest without a problem:


Watching a dog slurp down a spoonful of yogurt can be hilarious. Thankfully, yogurt isn’t just a funny food to feed your dog; it’s also a healthy dog treat.

It’s best to give dogs plain yogurt. Not all fruits are safe for dogs, and sugar isn’t a great thing to feed animals either. If you keep it simple with plain yogurt, your dog will be able to enjoy this calcium-rich food.

Green Beans

Kids often hate eating green beans, but for dogs, they can be a very tasty treat. Most dogs love the texture of green beans, and they love the taste of them too.

You don’t necessarily have to prepare fresh green beans if you want to give them to your dog. It’s find to give them beans from a can. With that said, you should check the sodium content before you let your dog munch down on a pile of green. Make sure that the beans don’t have any added salt.

Peanut Butter

Dogs may not be able to handle chocolate, but they can munch on peanut butter. As a matter of fact, peanut butter is an excellent treat to give a dog. It’s full of protein, and the sticky texture of peanut butter can be a lot of fun for dogs to chew.

While peanut butter is dog safe, you should be careful about what kind of peanut butter you feed to a dog. Don’t pick something that’s loaded with sugar and other sweeteners. Opt for raw peanut butter instead.


Try to picture your dog eating a big bowl of oatmeal. The mental image is pretty funny, right? While feeding a dog oatmeal may sound silly, it’s actually something that a lot of vets recommend.

Oatmeal contains a healthy helping of fiber. If your dog has irregular bowel movements, oatmeal could fix the problem. It’s also rich in essential minerals and nutrients; oatmeal is a great way to make sure your pooch is getting what it needs.

As with the other foods on this list, oatmeal is only dog-safe when it’s plain. If you’re giving your dog an oatmeal with a lot of additives, one or more of those ingredients could cause problems.


Humans love cheese, and dogs do too. Cheese isn’t as healthy as some of the other foods on this list, but it’s still safe to feed to a dog.

Low-fat cheese are best for dogs. String cheese is fun to feed to a dog; it’s funny to watch them chomp it down. Cottage cheese can also be a great choice.


Do you want to add some shine to your pooch’s fur? If you do, you should try feeding them the occasional egg! Whether you fry up the egg or serve it to your dog scrambled, they’ll really be able to benefit from the riboflavin in the egg.

Human food isn’t something that dogs have to avoid. A lot of this food is perfectly safe to give to a pet.

It’s always funny to watch dogs munch down on food that was designed for people. With that said, feeding your dog human food can also be smart. Dogs sometimes need nutrients that aren’t found in their dog food. Foods like oatmeal and peanut butter can give them the nutrition that they need.

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