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Sweep Her off Her Feet: 6 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s hard for a man to come up with an original date idea, especially because many people dare to say how everything about Valentine’s Day is a cliché. First of all, that’s not true – Valentine’s Day is an amazing cause for celebrating love and there’s nothing cheesy about that.

If you’re in love with that femme fatale in your life and you’d like to make this occasion really special for the two of you, be sure to do some research. Naturally, it all depends on what she’s like and where her interest lie. Anyhow, I’m sure that you’ll be able to recognize her personality in one of the following six date ideas.

The Traditional Date

You don’t have to go overboard in order to have the absolutely perfect date for Valentine’s Day. Book a table in a nice restaurant (the staff will take care of romantic decorations), pick up a nice present and equip yourself with your finest manners.

If you’re wondering what to get her, my suggestion is to go with something traditional but special at the same time – a rose glazed with gold will do the trick here. In an atmosphere such as this one I’m sure that both of you will have a great time.

Get Your Minds Working

If she enjoys getting her adrenalin levels up, I have a great suggestion for your date – you should visit an “escape the room” location near you. They all differ depending on which location you choose, but the point is the same – you’ll be locked in a room that has a story to tell and you need to collect the clues in order to get out of it before you run out of time. You’ll have a lot of fun with this unusual activity for Valentine’s Day.


A Sports Day for a Sporty Couple

Finding the perfect girl for some men means that she’s into sports and that she prefers a beer instead of a pink cocktail. If you’re lucky enough to find a girl like this, you shouldn’t dwell on whether or not she’d prefer for you two to dress up and be a couple that you’re really not. Go to the nearest bar and enjoy each other’s company while watching a game. Or perhaps you can make a sports day for just the two of you and plan it so that you can play various sports and go rock climbing, for example.

Take Her Dancing

This is romantic as it gets – achieving deeper level of emotional and physical closeness by taking her dancing to the charming tones of dreamy songs will most definitely sweep her off her feet. If you don’t have any dance experience, my suggestion is to go to a couple of dancing lessons and surprise her with your new moves.

Go Fancy all the Way

I’d always go with any reason to dress up and do something really fancy especially if there’s a cultural background to this story. Your options here are quite interesting – you can go to the theater and see a play, take her to a charity gala event or perhaps go to the opera. Whichever of these you decide to go with, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun looking your finest.

Do Something Artsy

Art is fun and it doesn’t really matter if you’re any good at it or not. You can sign up for a painting class for example, and have some real fun while having your fingers in paint and not having a clue what to do with the blank canvas in front of you.

Another option here is to go with music, especially if you play an instrument – I’m sure she’ll be amused with your skills and you’ll bond while you’re teaching her about the basics. Add some candlelight and some candy and you’ve got yourself a very romantic date.
So, the only thing left now is to select a date based on her personality. The right choice will show her that you know about her likes and dislikes, which can only bring you even closer. Take your time with your decision and I’m sure the two of you will have a great day.

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