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Take The Best Ski Selfie On The Rockies

When it comes to heli skiing, BC offers a wide variety of opportunities for alpine enthusiasts. Not only is there a ton of fresh powder and routes at your fingertips, but there are also some of the most magnificent views that you will ever see. Nowadays, it’s pretty much impossible to do something amazing without documenting it with a photo, video, or snap, so why fight the urge? Use your incredible ski trip as an opportunity to take some of the best selfies of your life – creating lasting memories for many years to come!

There is just nothing quite like taking a picture of jumping out of a helicopter into soft powder and then sharing it with your friends and family. A photo really is worth 1000 words, and when you show your friends a picture of the incredible experiences you’ve had, it’s like you are sharing every second of the moment with them. However, as great as those photos are, it can be difficult to get that perfect shot you’re after in the heat of the moment without the right equipment. Just like you would only choose a safe and reputable heli skiing operator like Great Canadian Heli Skiing, you should also take care to choose a quality camera for the job as well.

There are three basic cameras worth using: standard DSLR, smart phone, and GoPro. A standard DSLR camera is actually built for action and will definitely take the best images of heli skiers of your three options. Some of the most recent models can also use an additional chip that uses Bluetooth connectivity to transmit photos from the camera to another device, allowing you to take pictures and then send them to your phone for transmittal.

While the GoPro is best used mounted for video, that footage can be edited so that individual frames can be used as photos. This gives you all of the advantages of using a GoPro, like easily mounting the camera as well as it being hands free.

A smart phone is probably the worst option of the three. While it allows for the quick transmittal of any photos you take, it requires a certain degree of manual dexterity to use, especially while skiing, and the limitations of most camera phones are quickly shown. There is also the problem of carrying the phone, as it is difficult to take the camera out and put it away; using a strap is a debatable option, as the strap needs to be tough in order to survive the trip. It is just too easy to lose the phone on the trip down unless great pains are taken to keep it safe, and those pains may make skiing less enjoyable.

Before you head out though, remember to store your camera in a sealable plastic bag with a silicone gel packet, regardless of what kind of camera it is. The biggest problem with all cameras is that when going to from a cold location or vice versa, vapour can form on the lens, damaging the camera and potentially leaving streaks on the lens that show on your pictures, which would be a huge downer on the trip of a lifetime!

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