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Taptic Technology and You — How to Protect Your New iPhone

Apple’s latest iPhone 7 Plus may be new to the scene, but it’s already received stellar reviews from critics. In terms of looks, there’s nothing obviously different with the most recent generation, but a closer look reveals Apple invested in some serious upgrades. Most prominent in its list of features is its dual 12-megapixel camera with increased zoom capabilities and optical image stabilization, allowing for crystal clear photographs bright enough to make IG stars out of any of its users. Another major upgrade is the 7 Plus’ new home button. It relies on the same haptic feedback that’s built into Apple’s ForceTouch trackpads, meaning you no longer have to depress the button in order to use it.


A pressure sensitive-home button is a step towards the future; however, it can make protecting the new 7 Plus a challenge. Typical forms of protection are too thick for its Taptic Technology and render it useless. If you intend on defending your iPhone from daily wear and tear, you need an accessory that can work with Apple’s technology. A flexible and responsive vinyl skin made to measure to the latest generation is exactly that kind of accessory.

Manufacturers of thick hard cases have designed their products for less innovative phones that don’t have sensitive technology or moving parts. Meanwhile, manufacturers of iPhone 7 Plus skins, such as the smartphone defenders at dbrand, design their blueprints to complement the latest in cellphone technology. They’ve invested both time and effort into creating a malleable cover that’s thin enough to be sensitive to the iPhone’s Taptic Technology yet strong enough to protect the device from everyday dangers.

By using 3M vinyl, manufacturers like dbrand can ensure the iPhone’s safe from sharp objects and rough surfaces that could otherwise damage its bezels, buttons, or backing. It’s also an impermeable material that amplifies the iPhone’s natural water-resistant properties and makes it grime-resistant, too. The material also comes naturally textured in a way that improves your grip, reducing the chances of dropping it to the floor and causes structural damage.

The texture isn’t just something you can feel against your fingertips. When you stop by you can customize the texture and color of the skin you choose, creating a complete covering that speaks to your personality. True colors like purple, blue, and green can be matched with textures like leather, stone, and wood. Whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be better than the boring colors Apple has come up with.

The introduction of Apple’s jet black and black aren’t the most exciting upgrades to come from the iPhone 7 Plus. Trust the initial reviews of the phone; the real reasons for buying it are for the internal upgrades to its camera, battery life, processing power, and its new taptic home button. Just make sure you get a protective accessory that can work with these new upgrades. 3M vinyl accessories are the skins iPhone 7 Plus lovers can trust. Don’t settle for anything else.