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The 3 Best Countries To Live As A Freelancer

There has never been a better time to be a freelancer. The internet has made it so you can work anywhere you can find a high speed and stable connection.

The trend of digital nomads has been going on for some time. In fact, people have been doing it long enough that no they are looking for a place to settle down and enjoy being in one spot.

Since you can pick anyplace in the world, it pays to find the areas where freelancing is possible and you can live there without any roots from that country.

Here is a list of the Best Countries to Live in as a freelancer.


At least for American freelancers, Mexico is a popular place to settle down. It is close enough to the US that if you need to go visit family, you are never too far away.

What makes it a great destination for freelancers from all over the world, however, is its low cost of living and growing internet infrastructure.

Mexico City is one of the cheapest capital cities to live in and still get access to quality internet at a very cheap price.

There are many other popular areas for expats and freelancers alike as the smaller cities are also catching up when it comes to internet speed and stability.

As far as lifestyle, there is something for everyone in Mexico. Spectacular nature abounds so if you are outdoorsy at all, then there is no bad place to be in Mexico. Likewise if you want to live as a beach bum as some of the best beaches in the Western Hemisphere are in Mexico.


Thailand has long been a sort of Mecca for digital nomads, but usually the kind that stay a few months and then head off for new adventures. If you are ready to settle down then this is a great destination.

To stay long term doesn’t require anything special, except for patience with dealing with bureaucracy needed to renew your visa regularly.

Once settled, there is a great deal of infrastructure already working to be able to enjoy a stable system for work. There is a vibrant expat community so you have people who understand your needs very well. And the cost of living is a fraction of what a similar lifestyle would cost in the West.


This Baltic state in the cold region of the North may not be high in the consciousness of many digital nomads, but it should be.

If you have citizenship to any European country, or can claim it, then Estonia is a wonderful place to set up as a freelancer. They are called E-Stonia for good reason.

They have been investing in their digital infrastructure for years and have an extremely simple and streamlined system for just about everything you can imagine. You can sign documents digitally, pay your taxes online in minutes, vote online and do all of your banking online without ever needing to visit a branch.

Speaking of taxes, there is a convenient flat tax of 20% which means low cost of doing business there.

If you can deal with the cold and long nights of winter you are rewarded with a vibrant and exciting place to live with many things to do year round.