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The 5-Step Process for Overcoming Emotional Abuse

Women generally fall victim to emotional abuse, perpetrated by their male counterparts. But it is not limited to the fairer sex alone. In all cases, abuse may take the form of sarcasm, criticism, insinuations, insults, and what have you.

If this is continued over a period of time, it may irreparably damage a woman’s self-esteem and make her unsettled. The day-to-day negative behavior of partner puts a strain on the relationships and can cause pain that is much graver than physical harm.

If you do feel you are in an abusive situation, you will be better off by saying enough is enough and leaving the relationship. This certainly is a difficult decision, but a decision that can save you from an unhappy and fear-induced life.

We present a 5-point process for overcoming emotional abuse.

You cannot make anyone change

If you think you can make your abusive partner change and hope to normalize your abusive relationship, think again. Experience has shown that you cannot make anyone change but you can highly control the way you react to them and to the situations created by them.

The first step is to start focusing on improving your life. This way you will discover your self-worth and decide whether your partner is worth clinging to.

Leave your past behind

What is the point of harping on the past, once you have terminated your emotionally abusive relationship? Leave the past behind and don’t let it play on your mind, but take lessons from it to start your life afresh.

Be positive always, since you never know when a really good person may enter your life to shower all the love and happiness on you!

Set your boundaries and expectations

Recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship is not easy. It takes some time to heal the emotional scars. So take your time and put your abusive past firmly behind you and introspect.

If you are hasty, chances of falling into another abusive relationship cannot be ruled out. Thus, take your time to set your boundaries and expectations for future relationships.

Go with your heart

In other words, do what makes you feel good. The euphoria of getting out of an abusive relationship is short-lived and the feeling of insecurity may soon overtake you. The hope that he will call and ask for forgiveness is a fallacy that many women fall into.

Don’t be one of them. Rather employ your time in things that make you feel happy, such as meeting old friends, enjoying hobbies and pastimes, traveling to new destinations.

Seek help

Most times, reclaiming yourself after being abused emotionally can be an endless battle. However, you can get over this stormy period when you seek help from family, friends, and close associates.

One of the most effective yet unexplored ways to overcome emotional abuse is the use of emotional support animals. Living with pets does not only help to overcome emotional abuse, it also helps to alleviate conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

However, you need to check if your residence operates a no-pet policy, in which case you’ll need to obtain an emotional support animal letter.


In an abusive situation, your partner has power over you and controls you. This might result in fear and insecurity. But once you get out of such a relationship, it is time to get yourself empowered and resolve not to fall into an abusive relationship again.

You have the power to ward off a potential emotionally abusive relationship by saying no to abuses the first time. Give him the choice of either putting an end to his abusive behavior or see the end of his relationship with you.

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