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The 6 Best Cars For City Driving

It’s no secret that driving around in a big city can be quite the challenge. Complicated signage, heavy traffic and a cramped parking situation are just a few of the situations that plague drivers in big cities such as Los Angeles, Toronto and Mexico City. Which is why people who do most of their driving in such places tend to be very picky when it comes to their vehicles of choice. Their ideal car needs to be fast and responsive enough to navigate through crowded streets, while also being comfortable enough to weather the difficulties inherent in such heavy-duty city use. Luckily, there are some vehicles out there that fit the bill, with the following six cars being especially suited for life in the big city:

1. Toyota Prius C Hybrid

The dependability of Toyota’s hybrid line of cars is well-known, with more and more people going with this environmentally-conscious option each day. But the C Hybrid takes things to the next level, with its compact size and reduced price tag that’s aimed to entice customers in big cities to finally make the switch to hybrids. Despite its smaller size, however, the car still has plenty of room inside for both passengers and cargo, and a fairly appealing exterior to boot.

2. Hyundai Elantra GT

Speaking of exterior design, it simply doesn’t get much better than the Hyundai Elantra GT. This stylish vehicle offers a spacious interior, great handling and superior fuel economy all rolled into one. And with a design inspired by cutting-edge European trends, the Elantra GT stands out amidst all rival vehicles. In 2016, Hyundai even released a refreshed version of the car that features an all-new grille as well as new 17-inch wheels, thus improving on its already gorgeous design and pushing the model to even greater heights. What’s more, the refreshed model also incorporates Apple’s Siri AI, which can be used to provide you with valuable information throughout your journeys.

3. BMW 7

As BMW’s flagship car, the BMW 7 has been produced by the German company since 1977, and is now currently in its sixth generation. Despite its considerable age, the model is still one of the most flexible and inspired vehicle choices for our times. The BMW 7 prizes agility and refinement above all, being the kind of car that can house a large family while also looking incredibly stylish on the road.

4. Fiat 500c 1957 Edition

If you’re in the mood for a retro-styled automobile that’s easy on the eyes as well as urban-friendly, you’ll find plenty to like about Fiat’s recent 1957 model. With good handling and compact size, the vehicle is ideal for parking in the kinds of cramped spots that are often all a big city can spare. With its impressive design and great mileage, the Fiat 500c 1957 Edition has all the tools to satisfy your commuting needs and become a perennial favorite in the process.

5. BMW X5

Despite being quite bulky, the BMW X5 is an agile vehicle for its class. It boasts a potent engine along with a comfortable interior filled with the best that technology has to offer. What’s more, the vehicle is designed with fuel economy in mind, an essential aspect when considering the many stops and starts that typify the big city driving experience. The X5 also has a massive trunk that’s perfect for carrying your belongings throughout town, as well as plenty of passenger space in the backseat.

6. Smart ForTwo

In contrast with our previous entry, Smart cars are known for their compact sizes that were designed to function best in a crowded urban environment. With this kind of car, it’s easy to maneuver and find parking spots even in the tiniest of spaces. Despite its limited appeal as a family car, the Smart ForTwo still packs a strong visual punch, and is an overall excellent choice for individuals who want to minimize the hassle of driving in a big city.

As you can see, drivers have more than a few options at their disposal when it comes to satiating their big city vehicle demands. But, as the science behind cars grows ever more advanced, new and innovative technologies for cars are sure to be introduced at a steady pace, with the ultimate goal of making life easier for the person sitting behind the wheel.

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