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The Aftermath of Motor Accident Injuries

Have you ever missed a car crash by a millisecond? Have you ever seen your entire life flashing before your eyes while crossing the street? If this sounds familiar, then you must have been close to a motor accident. But what if you were there a split second earlier or later? Instead of a near-death experience and the euphoria that comes after of it, what if you were actually injured in a car accident?

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When it comes to motor accidents, the only situation we ever think of is getting hit by a car and ending up in the hospital holding on for our lives. But what if you are injured in a bike accident or something that is far less extreme than the motor accident stereotype? It is extremely important that you know how to act to the driver when to call the police, and most importantly, what your rights are in a situation like this.

What Do You Do Immediately After the Accident?

Whether it is a small accident or a big one, the safety of those involved is the absolute most important aspect. The law says that drivers, be they car, motorbike, or any other motor vehicle drivers, must stop and provide appropriate aid to the injured parties involved. If that is you, make note of any attempt of overlooking this, as it could prove useful should the matter go to court.

The first thing you should do is to call an ambulance. Getting a medical checkup after any accident is extremely important because there might be subtle injuries that were initially overlooked. Then, you should call the police. Even in less severe accidents, the police should file a report. 

What Do You Do If There Are Damages?

While some accidents end in apologies and handshakes, the vast majority end with damages. Filing for insurance claims is the most common way to solve the issue, but the process of it could prove to be rather complicated. Keep in mind that consulting a legal specialist could get you the most benefits with the least amount of effort.

Moreover, if the accident is serious or if the other driver is not compliant, getting legal representation is the only way you can get what you deserve. Please note that it is absolutely crucial that you work with an attorney that specializes in automotive accidents in your area.

When Do You Call a Lawyer?

It is all too simple to procrastinate taking a legal stand after being in a car accident. But seeking professional representation sooner rather than later is an aspect you are well worth considering because some matters may be time sensitive.

For instance, in the state of Kentucky, you only have one year from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit based on personal injury. If the accident involves damage to personal property, you have a time frame of three years.

Remember that an attorney can help you set a rigorous plan that is personalized to your situation. This way, you can find out about the full array of benefits you are entitled to, as well as the best way to achieve the goals you set together.

As you can see, the aftermath of such near-death experiences can be anything from a handshake to a court date. It is crucial that you know your rights and that you seek legal representation when faced with more serious situations.