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The Chris Jackman Approach To Practicing Law

Chris Jackman is the owner and lead attorney at The Jackman Law Firm and Forsyth Law. By dedicating his time and passion to a career in law, Chris Jackman has a successful firm in Dallas, Texas. While law can be a fascinating profession with many rewards, some wonder if they have what it takes to build a career in law.

What Is A Career in Law Like?

There are many different jobs that work with the law. Police, judges, attorneys, stenographers, and parole officers have jobs within the legal system. Depending on the specific career, a career in law can be a full time job.

One of the most basic, common traits that all these careers require is dedication. Working within the legal system may take a significant amount of training or formal education. To work on behalf of the country, a dedication to the law is crucial.

The job of an attorney has many perks. Prestige and salary are often a key reason why many individuals go to law school. An attorney can also start their own firm, work on interesting cases and provide a fulfilling work life.

Attorneys like Chris Jackman, often have jobs while in law school. This type of dedication provides experience while demonstrating passion. Depending on the individual, law school can prove too demanding to extend themselves beyond studying. Becoming an attorney is a large and sometimes long commitment.

Types of Attorneys

The Department of Justice organizations can help potential law students figure out what types of jobs are available. Some of these jobs can be done while still in school.

Popular types of lawyers can include:

Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorneys like Chris Jackman have worked in the personal injury sector to help others receive compensation. Personal injury lawyers can help a variety of different individuals. Individuals who have suffered injuries from a car or work accident may be in need of this type of lawyer.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers help individuals with financial difficulties who are interested in bankruptcy proceedings. Lawyers in this segment of the law focus on eligibility and the types of bankruptcy available. By examining specific circumstances, these lawyers can help shine light on all the options.

Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning lawyer helps with trusts and wills. They can help an individual pass along assets and finances that may be necessary for family. Even if the individual does not know how to plan, a lawyer can help during the process.

Corporate Lawyer

For those who own corporations, these lawyers are often indispensable. A corporate lawyer can help with the formation of a corporation as well as compliance and governance issues.

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration issues can be murky, especially for someone who has not grown up in the country. Legal representation is imperative in many immigration cases in order to receive the best outcome. An immigration lawyer is well versed with visa, citizenship, and asylum cases.

There are several other types of lawyers that can help defend individuals against a crime or help with tax laws. Depending on the specialty, a workday can look vastly different.

What The Right Candidate Looks Like

When first deciding to become a lawyer, specific motivations should be examined. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to work in a career. Some of those reasons may be unrealistic.

Working in law is not like a television show. Many dramatized court shows are fiction and do not accurately represent what it’s like to be a lawyer on a day-to-day basis. Court cases are not always easily won just because it may seem ethically “right”. A career as a lawyer can be high energy, but it can also be a very detailed process with subsequent office time.

A successful individual in law often presents certain characteristics.

They are patient.

Studying the law is often a very detail-oriented process that can take lots of time. Patience and a love for examining new knowledge is extremely useful during school.

They express ambition.

Competition is likely during the career of any lawyer. Not only is the school environment competitive, but so is the work. When trying cases, a healthy sense of determination and ambition can create the competitive side necessary to win.

They have enthusiasm.

Becoming a lawyer takes hard work. Resilience is a critical skill that can be learned through the enthusiasm for law. Those who are passionate about the legal system are often the ones who succeed.

They persist.

A lawyer must be tough to withstand trial. When cases are difficult, it will undoubtedly be frustrating, but a good lawyer cannot quit. A career in law means interacting with competitive personalities and fighting for the law. This is the type of job that will require energy and determination.

Choosing A Career in Law

Choosing a career is a major decision. A career in law can take several years of schooling, but can be incredibly rewarding work. A lawyer can start their own firm, work anywhere, and potentially earn a significant salary. Like all successful careers, this line of work takes dedication and a significant amount of effort and time.

It takes incredible focus to become a lawyer. Those who are easily distracted or bored, may find the necessary schooling particularly difficult. When thinking about the kind of lawyer who would best represent you, assess their qualities. These are the characteristics required for success.