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The Content Marketing Gap That Will Kill Your Business

Content Marketing is just the words put together.

While as obvious as that seems it really causes a gap in your thinking. This gap is the good part of content marketing.

That Gap is the understanding you believe you already have of marketing, “The Familiar,” and the content creation and distribution that you don’t know about but want to learn, “The New.”

This crossroad between the new and the familiar causes an enjoyment in the process that leaves you hooked. This familiarity with new causes the reader to gain an emotional response and is a great way to form your marketing as well.

The first phase of Content Marketing is Buyer Persona’s and market research. These also have a new meets familiar road. Large companies for years have done focus groups etc… even though many small business owners may not totally get why.

The problem though exist in the formation of the data. The Gap is also the data formation process itself.

Where Am I Supposed to Get This Data?

To become a content marketing genius you have to describe the products and services that your market wants to hear about and eventually consume. This is great and all but where does that data come from?

That gap is where we fall in.

Normally a large company (100 plus employees) or one that has a “book” of business, clients, and ongoing marketing has a team that can conduct market research or hire group of professionals.

This large business process is what most small businesses or medium businesses with a thin budget miss out on.

The process of finding out:

  1. Where are my customers?
  2. Who are my target customers?
  3. What are the problems that my customers face?
  4. What solutions do they want that are not addressed?
  5. Where do my customers live online?
  6. What are the content gaps in where they live onlin that I can fill to bring them to my services?
  7. Where do the influencers fit in, are they only large companies and that leaves the gap for me?
  8. What markets do the influencers not absorb or service to?

Small Business Content Marketing Struggles

How does a small business with a marketing department of the 3 people in the room that are also the janitor, sales, service, fulfillment, and I.T. actually do market research, buyer personas, and target market analysis?

The answer is they don’t or they do only a bit of it and don’t truly get the power that it brings into their marketing because they are so hit or miss on a big part of it.

That leaves everyone of those companies either missing the benefits or focusing on “faster” marketing such as “pay per lead” or “pay per click” services.

They never really get the power of the data to embrace their services and business model. They don’t get enough of the marketing power needed from the data to really drive demand and grow an evergreen audience.

This audience growth is what content marketing generates. It comes from the data and works through the power of understanding your audience and their problems. This is where “small” businesses are disconnected with their customers and are missing the power of this process.

That disconnect is the gap. That disconnect between those two markets is a need. They want to get the results that they see and understand to be real for some. They just don’t have the actual tools and knowledge to get them there.

Who Needs This Service

When you look at the company that is 1- 50 people. The company that has low man power and plenty of “work” to go around, you begin to find our target customer.

That person, brand, or company needs this data. When they come to the realization of that knowledge and tools gap,  that’s when we step in.

In Other Words When…

They start to understand the process of content marketing. They start to really see the results of content marketing but only in other case studies and examples.  They may have even priced a few of the tools, services, firms, and definitely realize that doing this on their own is going to be difficult.

When those realizations are made then they are a target market for us. Here’s why.

We find the target market. We understand the buyers personas you need and develop the necessary blueprint model that your business needs in order to take on this task.

You need just a few things but they are heavy long lifting. The team of few that you are just doesn’t have the time or manpower to lift all that weight.

Here are a few of the items you are going to want:

  1. Market Research
  2. Buyers Personas
  3. Average Cost of Acquisition of a Customer Online
  4. How to Lower the ACAC in the long term
  5. Unique Content Tilt or Gap
  6. Credibility in the Market Place
  7. Content Pillars – Major Pieces of Content That Focuses on Your Core Uniqueness
  8. List of Outreach Hubs
  9. This plus all the major (but easier items) to focus on is where we fit in. That list includes but not limited to:
  10. Online Reviews
  11. Online Listings
  12. Backlinks
  13. Content – Blog Post
  14. Content – Guest Blog Post
  15. Google PPC Cost Analysis
  16. Google PPC Return On Investment Analysis
  17. Google PPC Implementation
  18. Google PPC Cost Escalation Preventative Measures
  19. List of Influencers
  20. Social Media Trends and Analysis
  21. Social Media Outreach

The list are just some of the items that a small group of marketers need in order to really tackle a local market or a national market and become the authority in their niche.

This mix really speaks volumes to each stage that it takes to adapt a content marketing philosophy. It will take time.

Time Is the Biggest Factor

Why doesn’t every company work with us?

It takes time. It just takes a lot of time and focused time at that. You must obtain the ability to sustain the current value and lifecycle of the business (profits) in order to shift some or all of your marketing budget to a long term and larger success business model.

This Time Gap is the final piece in the gap puzzle. Understanding if your business is ready to take that leap in time, budget, and focus is a huge determining factor for so many of our clients.

You have something that is working now.

The question then is can you automate portions of it or lean them down to afford the shift with no quick reward? Can we find ways to increase the output (profits) from current customers and develop new products that would serve as the financial gap for your brand?

You’re starting out

Can you stay lean and survive long enough for the efforts to make sense to begin? What knowledge do you possess that we can utilize as a Content Tilt in order to adequately feed you and your marketing needs while you grow?

My Business Makes Profit but We Want to Go To The Next Level

Then you may want to schedule time with us to make sure the goals align. We understand what this time cycle looks like, we also understand the Lifetime Value of a customer, and what it should mean to your business. Can we find ways to increase the lifetime value of a customer for your business?

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