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The Latest Options In Promotional Products

Nowadays there are more ways to market a brand than there ever have been before, but in spite of digitalization of culture, promotional materials remain one of the most effective means to gain exposure for your company, and there are a number of reasons for that. Psychologists insist that there is a social aspect to the act of gift giving that engages a primordial response in fellow humans. Those are given something are more likely to give back in return, which is one of the many reasons promotional items are considered more effective than radio advertising and billboards, and equally as effective as television advertising and print media.

One study indicates that 79% of those who are given promotional items as gifts are likely to do business with that company again and more than half of those said their perception of a company offering promotional items as gifts improved. The study also indicated that a staggering 87% of the individuals kept their promotional item for over a year. Items like mugs, USB drives, pens, and clothing make great items not only for customers but employees as well. It says a lot about a company when an employee is willing to wear branded apparel from the company they work for and represent.

While there are various theories as to why promotional items are as effective as they are, one key force that underlines their efficacy is that unlike typical forms of advertising which potential customers see a couple of times and then forget about, promotional items stick around for awhile and reinforce the memory bond each time someone uses them or sees them. They have a tactile component which engages much more than merely the ears and the eyes.

Another key reason that promotional items are so effective is that it says a lot about a company’s respect for their customers and clients when they give them branded material. On top of that branded items have the same efficacy as billboards and print ads in terms of visually reminding people that a company’s brand is out there. Brand awareness is the fundamental cornerstone of advertising, and for most folks who see branded promotional items, they already have a rapport with the individual who has the branded item. Unlike print and billboard media which are disembodied and asocial forms of advertising, branded promotional items are built on relationships, which is one of the key reasons they are as effective as they are.

Companies like Next Trend Designs are now making a vast number of promotional items for niche businesses to target a selective customer base and clientele. Gyms for instance are interested in branded sweatbands, sweat pants, t-shirts, and baseball caps. Office based businesses are going to be more interested in desk items like mugs, paperweights, calendars, stationery, and other office materials. Companies that do installations may be interested in branded tape measures, screwdrivers, or other hardware accessories.