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The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways in Europe

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to whisk away your loved one somewhere romantic, where love is in the air all the time and where the two of you can have the most magical time of your lives. If you have run out of ideas to celebrate your love on this special holiday, planning a romantic getaway is certainly something you should consider, especially if you and your beloved have never spent Valentine’s Day away from home or have never even taken a trip together.

Planning a romantic trip for two is a huge upgrade from having a dinner somewhere out or staying in to have one at home, not to mention that it is a huge step from giving your special lady a box of chocolates and red roses, which is why you should really consider taking that step; it will undoubtedly make your loved one happy and excited.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the romantic trip for two is all you should give to your girl for Valentine’s Day. I’m not saying you should break the bank, because the trip is certainly more than enough and it is far beyond the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of physical gifts

A physical gift will represent the token of your love that your sweetheart will be able to cherish forever. There are many gift ideas you can choose from to sweep your girl off her feet, so make sure you start planning right away, so that you can come up with a unique Valentine’s Day gift for her that will make her fall in love with your all over again.

Other gifts aside, take a look at the most romantic travel destinations in Europe that you can choose from in order to treat your special lady with the best Valentine’s Day that she will not be able to forget.

Paris, France


Is there any destination in the world that is more romantic than Paris? Paris attracts lovebirds throughout the whole year for a very good reason and, if the trip you are planning is the first ever that you are going to take with your girl, then you should definitely take her to Paris.

Paris is one of the most enchanting cities not only in Europe, but also on the entire planet, and every moment you spend there with your loved one will certainly be magical. The City of Light will mesmerize your beloved with its beauty and you can be sure that she with fall in love with every single corner of this stunning city. Don’t worry, you are her number one love and she will love you even more after the amazing travel experience you provide her with, because you will show her that you care about her and want to make her feel special.

There are many things you can do in Paris and numerous landmarks you can visit, but make sure you take romantic walks from one place to another, so that you can really take in the spirit of the city. Your girl will feel like a princess in this marvellous city and you will certainly reignite your love spark for many years to come.

Venice, Italy



Venice is another excellent destination for celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day and, if you choose to go there, you can be sure you and your girl will share countless romantic moments that the both of you will cherish forever. Venice offers quite a lot of options for couples, which is exactly why it is among the most romantic destinations in Europe.

You can take romantic walks through the city’s intimate valleys and discover the many hidden gems that Venice has to offer. There are so many popular tourist attractions you can visit that it can be pretty tough to know where to start. However, whatever you decide to do and wherever you decide to go in this mesmerizing city, you can be sure that your girl will be blown away by the city’s uniqueness and its infinite beauty.

Don’t forget to take a romantic gondola ride down the city’s Grand Canal, as you can witness the stunning architecture of the many palaces facing the water, not to mention that you will encounter the famous Bridge of Sighs, which is very popular among couples, as it is believed that your love will last forever if you pass under it with your significant other. What’s more romantic than taking your girl there for Valentine’s Day, really?

Bruges, Belgium



Bruges is definitely every traveller’s dream. If you are looking for gorgeous, breathtaking and jaw-dropping place to spend a perfect Valentine’s Day, Bruges is your way to go. This doesn’t mean the previously mentioned destinations are not great choices (because they are), but you are certainly aware that every city has something special about it and each and every one has its own soul.

Bruges is special because its soul and spirit can be literally felt in the air and, no matter where you look, you will see fantastic architecture that will resemble some beautiful fairy tale. Your girl will definitely feel like a princess there, no matter the weather or the season. Bruges is literally breathtaking at any time of year and you won’t leave the city without being completely and utterly impressed.

Wander through the city’s narrow streets, take a boat ride on its canals and explore Bruges’ wonderful old buildings that will absolutely charm you. The city’s medieval air will put you and your girl under a spell and the panoramic views of the city, especially at sunset, will leave the two of you in indescribable awe. Bruges is a destination you shouldn’t miss and, if you don’t visit it on the upcoming Valentine’s Day, make sure you surprise your beloved next year by taking her to this marvellous city.
There are so many destinations not only in Europe, but also in the entire world, that are perfect for love couples, but these three are definitely the most romantic ones that are ideal for Valentine’s Day, so do your homework and pick the best romantic getaway destination that will take your girl’s breath away.