At Work

The Mother of All Screw-Ups

So you got a job offer that you just can turn down. It’s everything that you wanted but there’s a catch – it requires that you relocate to another country. Uncork that special Chardonnay, pick up the phone, get your friends together and let the good news roll. And then?

getting a job

Sure, you can go cruising online through forum websites and relocation guides to find out more about the implications. Get ready for a sea of information and a lot of wasted hours. In the end, you might end up more confused than you were when you started. When the job offer is on the table, time and accuracy are of the essence.

Do-overs are not an option, therefore, data misinterpretations, hesitations, delays and distortions are to be avoided at all costs. Remember that there’s always a runner-up who may not be as prepared as you are, but is able to pull the relocation trigger faster.

However, before you relocate, you need to clearly understand the full extent of all the legal and administrative aspects you’ll be faced with. Changing a job while also changing location is serious business and unforeseen ‘surprises’ could uselessly complicate things for both you and your employer. Get specialized help and make sure you cover all bases prior to signing those papers.

The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is a Straight Line

When relocation is necessary, questions start popping out like daisies: Do I need a visa? If so, which type? How do I choose between types? Who will I need to involve in the process? …so on and so forth. It feels like you’re chasing your own tail and time is not your friend on this one. Ok, you decide to go online and check the government’s dedicated website so as to get an idea of the required documents and procedural steps. As you’ll definitely see, there’s a whole new terminology that you have to deal with and the very detailed information is requested of you.

Talking to government employees is only useful up to a certain point and no further. They don’t have the time or resources to address particular cases, their main responsibility is of an administrative nature and it relates to all the work-related applications they receive. Having a trained professional help you with all the legal ins and outs is your best option; this is how you steer clear of screw-ups from the very beginning.

No Jedi Mind Tricks

No one is absolved of making mistakes; it’s how we humans learn. We all made poor decisions in the past and there’s no guarantee that we won’t make more in the future. However doing so in make-or-break moments, when specialized help is so easily available makes no sense – especially if the stakes are high. There’s a reason why so many people choose to have legal support when applying for long-term visas.

Don’t assume this is a DIY (do-it-yourself) moment; the assumption is the mother of all screw-ups you know. Get and follow specialized counsel to spare yourself the frustration of ‘trial & error’ experiments when least advisable.

Now that the paperwork is sorted through and the air is cleared, start packing and good luck!