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The Productive Home Office Checklist for Serious Solopreneur Concentration

As the old saying goes, “time is money.”

This rings especially true for solopreneurs blazing their own path when working for home. The more time that you spend on tedious tasks and time-wasting, the fewer opportunities you have to grow your bottom line. Likewise, solopreneurs should strive to grind as hard as they can in one sitting versus having to stretch their work throughout the day and run the risk of burning themselves out.

The solution to an unproductive workplace? Serious concentration.

Perhaps the best way to ensure productivity and concentration is making sure that your home office is supercharged with the right tools, technology and décor.

Fostering a productive environment while working from home might be easier that you think. Consider any combination of the following as fair game to making sure that you concentrate and get down to business day-after-day versus slacking off.

Block Out Distractions

Smart investments such as blackout blinds are a must-have for those working from home. Between blocking out pesky light and potential noise from outside, there’s perhaps no better solution for shutting yourself off from the outside world and really focusing on the task at hand. On the flip side, such blinds also allow you to let some shade in on those days where you feel a bit cooped up.

The Right Tech on Deck

When you have the right technology at your desk, there’s little to no need to leave the office or try to work remotely. This rings true whether you’re talking about your office equipment or the apps on your phone.

For starters, having a combination of the following ensures that you can stay put without falling prey to distractions and the need to leave your office:

  • An HD webcam, which is crucial for Skype calls and filming marketing material on the fly (think: you won’t need to go to a remote location for a meeting)
  • Noise-canceling headphones, which allow you to block out the outside world and focus on your music for the sake of productivity
  • A high-quality microphone to ensure that no messages are lost in translation when you’re working with a remote team

In terms of apps on your phone, productivity tools such as Trello can keep you focused and understand what you need to do to get to Point A to Point B. Truly smart tech such as document-scan apps allow you to replace your clunky scanner and take care of your docs at a moment’s notice.

Finally, chat solutions like Slack and Skype can keep you connected to your team anywhere and replace the need for back-and-forth phone calls.

Concentration Through Comfort

Sometimes true concentration comes from the comforts of a traditional office space in your own home. For example, consider how these seemingly small touches may not necessarily seem “essential” but will ultimately keep you cozy and less likely to pace around the room:

  • Quick access to caffeine via a Keurig or instant coffee maker to keep you from running off to Starbucks during your breaks
  • A cushion for your chair to avoid long-term back pain; likewise, a standing desk may not be a bad idea if you work from home for long periods of time
  • Low-maintenance office plants or a scent diffuser to quite literally breathe new life into your office, as scents can affect our productivity and mood

Serious concentration means creating an office environment that fosters your sense of focus. By setting up a productive space to get down to business, you can ensure that you waste as little time as possible as means of growing your bottom line.