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The Top Ways You’re Making a Bad Impression At Work

Making an impact when you’re at work should be one of your top concerns. There are so many professional situations where you need to make an excellent impression. There are the first impressions that come with your job interview and the hiring process, the impressions you make on your first day, and the impressions you make on new clients when you meet them.

There’s also the overall feeling people in the workplace have about you beyond the first impression, such as how your bosses view you.

There are certain ways you might be making a bad impression in any or all of these scenarios without even realizing it.

The following are some of the key ways you might not be making the ideal professional impression.


You might feel like your disorganization doesn’t impact your work performance, or perhaps there’s a method to your madness, but other people probably don’t feel that way.

If people are walking by your desk and it constantly looks like a storm has just hit it, they are going to notice. They may not even realize how much it impacts their view of you, but it does. You want to appear in control and competent, so try to make an effort to clean up your workspace and keep all of your items well-organized.

Checking Your Phone Too Often

We’re a society glued to our smartphones, and while it’s not necessarily out of the norm, checking your phone too often can leave people with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to you. Whether you’re in an interview, a meeting, or just speaking with co-workers, try to keep your phone out of view.

If you check it all the time, it seems like you’re discontent, possibly bored with what’s happening right in front of you and not necessarily engaged.

You Don’t Dress To Impress

Even in today’s casual workplace environment, it’s important to ensure that you look professional. You don’t necessarily have to be wearing a suit, but try to look like you make an effort every day. This can include hair that’s well-styled and tidy, clothes that are ironed, and a general look that’s pulled together and polished.

Even when you think you’re going to be in a casual work environment, it’s important always to try to look your best.

You’re Too Friendly

Being courteous and respectful at work is, of course, important, but if you’re overly familiar or even worse, flirtatious, it can turn people off from wanting to be around you or work with you. It’s important to make sure you use humor wisely in the workplace because you never know what can offend, and always try to keep things kind, but also professional.

You Don’t Treat Service Workers Well

As a final note, it’s not just how you treat your colleagues that’s going to form people’s impression of you. It’s how you treat everyone. If you’re out to dinner with your boss and clients and you’re rude to your server, it’s going to taint people’s image of you.

The same goes for people who might work in your office, such as administrative staff or anyone you come in contact with in a professional way.

You may think it doesn’t matter, but ultimately how you treat everyone is what’s going to contribute to people’s impressions of you.