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The Ultimate Checklist For A Hygienic Workplace

All businesses have to ensure they provide a hygienic workplace for their customers, clients, and employees. A clean workplace, however, can be difficult to maintain if you operate a busy office. To make it easier, you need to develop a checklist to work through on a regular basis to ensure cleaning your office is as straight forward as possible.

Here’s the ultimate hygienic workplace checklist to ensure a clean office space.

General Workplace

This checklist is for the general office environment. It can be easy for dust, dirt, and grime to build up in corners and below eye-level, so it’s important to run through this list on a regular basis.

Regularly check all passageways, corridors, exits, doorways, and other high footfall areas. Remember that foot traffic will track dirt and grime on shoes, so check daily.

Ceilings and walls can be a magnet for handprints, smudges, stains, and cobwebs. Be sure the walls are painted with paint that can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Coffee tables, desks, and seating in any waiting areas need to be regularly wiped and vacuumed to prevent dirt and dust build up presenting a negative image to clients.

Storage racks, filing cabinets, shelving, and other items of storage furniture all need to be regularly checked for dust build-up and wiped with a cloth.

The Workstation

Office workstations can be a magnet for dirt and grime – if it’s where an employee spends the majority of their time, it can be easy for mess to build up. Here’s your office workstation cleaning checklist.

Any monitors, keyboards, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and other equipment needs to be wiped on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of fingerprints and other marks.

Screens issue a slight static field which can consistently attract dust and lint. Be careful to only use screen-friendly wipes to prevent damaging equipment.

Desk space needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent dirt and dust. It makes sense to limit clutter on desks as much as possible to make them easier to clean on a regular basis.

If meals are taken at the desk, check for any crumbs or spills and wipe them up immediately. It’s wise to keep moist hand wipes to prevent greasy fingerprints on equipment.

Welfare Facilities

The office bathroom, and kitchen if it has one, can be magnets for grime if not regularly cleaned. It only takes each employee to conscientiously clean up after themselves, however, to ensure the facilities remain hygienic.

If there is a refrigerator and employees are allowed to bring in food, it needs to be checked regularly as out of date products can turn mouldy and contaminate the rest of the fridge’s contents.

The fridge, microwave, sink, and counters need to be regularly wiped with anti-bacterial spray or wipes, and any items in communal use, namely cutlery, kettles, or crockery need to be thoroughly cleaned.

The toilet and sink need to be cleaned on a daily basis, including the flush and taps. Toilet paper and hand towels need to be regularly supplied, as well as liquid soap for handwashing.

In the kitchen area be sure that all food waste is properly and hygienically disposed of. If not, it could be a magnet for rodents and other pests. Provide proper food bins, and empty daily.

Daily Office Hygiene

It’s much easier to maintain office hygiene when all employees work together as a team. Consider establishing a rota for certain duties, and ensure all employees know the small things they can do every day to keep their work environment as clean as possible.

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