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The Ways Your Beard is Affecting You & the World Around You

Beards are incredibly popular at the moment, and this beard boom does not seem to be showing signs of slowing down any time soon. The trend is hitting even the smallest places of the world, probably through social media, but there may be a few things you do not know regarding how your scruff affects you.

Be a Diamond Among the Rocks

One reason some men are growing beards is to look more attractive, but keep in mind that beards are sexier when they are rare. Try to avoid attending events where you know a lot of other guys will have beards if you want your beard to stand out and make you look sexy.

You can use social media to help you scout a place before attending. Remember to make sure you care for your scruff because an unkempt beard defeats the purpose. Caring for your beard is not as hard as it used to be because of electric shavers. Yosaki points out that the right electric shaver for men should take care of you “whether you have a thick beard, short stubble, mustache or even sensitive skin.”

Your Beard Brought a Revolution

Another thing you may not know about the beard trend is how powerful it is. The popularity of the beard has actually led to a decline in sales for razor blade companies. The decline in sales scared some of these companies so much that they thought it was the end of shaving blades.

There is no doubt that shaving blade companies went through a rough patch, but they revolutionized their approach and are now creating blades that continue to help you grow your beard and help you care for it. Sometimes, the electric shaver cannot do what a blade can do, which is how this scruff-love changed an entire industry.

Consider Facial Recognition Technology

Smart technology has gone pretty far, but it has not gone far enough to recognize the difference between your un-bearded face versus your bearded one. This is not to say that facial recognition technology will not recognize your face with a beard, but there are a few things you need to know.

For one, you need to make sure you have a picture of yourself without the beard in your gallery, so think about that before growing your beard. Keep in mind that this step is just a precaution because your smart device may recognize you using your eyes instead of your entire face. It may seem silly to take this precaution, but it is better to be safe than sorry in this situation, especially if you are fond of facial recognition technology.

Beards Fuel Stronger Employees

This one is a bit strange, but it seems that a beard can affect your professional life in a number of ways; for one, it seems to make employers think you are aggressive yet experienced. From an evolutionary stance, a beard helps others see that you are an aggressive man and the kind of guy who has been through enough to handle himself in any situation.

Having a scruff also signals employers that your immune system is strong enough to handle the little critters that could live in your beard. All sorts of bacteria can live in a beard, which means your immune system is constantly being tested and overcoming these attacks. Your employer may not consciously know that he or she is impressed by your immune system, but he or she might be. You might be trusted more because your health is in great shape.

Hopefully, this information helps you understand how powerful your beard truly is and why you should care for it. Some of these pointers are also good conversation starters, just in case you’re ever in the need of one.