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The World of Millennials: Turning Minimalism into a Lifestyle

There are quite a few misconceptions about the generation referred to as millennials. They are commonly misunderstood and many people shudder when they hear anything about them. The main problem with these false assumptions on the lifestyle of millennials is the fear of change, because, let’s face it – change is always scary, no matter how old you are.

The change in traditional lifestyle scares people and they don’t even try to understand the mindset of those living in this day and age, who grew up using computers and other digital technology innovations.

However, lifestyles are not meant to be understood – they are meant to be experienced. You can learn about a lifestyle different than your own, accept the fact that it exists and understand that it defines those who live it, making them unique, just as you are unique in your own way. Let’s take a look at what it truly means to become a millennial and how their lifestyle really is special.

Inside the Millennial Mind


The most common misconception about millennials, also known as the “selfie” generation, is that they are all about themselves, when it’s actually quite the opposite. They are all about building communities, sharing their thoughts and views and working together towards achieving their goals. They are open-minded individuals who want to make a change in the world.

They strive towards living in a free world, where there are no limits to what a person can do and where their voice can be heard. A minimalist lifestyle is what they aspire to and they want to create a world worth passing on to generations to come. Their open-mindedness and willingness to speak out is often mistaken for them being narcissists.

All they want is to do is lead a happy lifestyle and live in a world anyone can embrace with open arms. Isn’t that what we all desire the most? Yet, the lifestyle of millennials keeps raising questions in many people’s minds and they keep being misunderstood and prejudiced.


The Minimalist Lifestyle



Millennials are embracing minimalist trends and turning them into a lifestyle. It marks the fall of materialism, as they are interested only in being happy, building relationships and having experiences that exceed their wildest expectations.

What’s interesting is that they do have the opportunity to buy a big house or an amazing car, but instead, they would rather choose to take a trip around the world to explore new cultures and enrich their lives with the best possible experience along the way. Millennials are not interested in buying a house and spending a fortune on an extravagant wedding – they leave the material world behind and enter the world of simplicity and happiness.

By abandoning material things, such as expensive clothes and tech gadgets, they actually gain more and they get to fill their lives with positive vibrations and improve their mental health.

The best thing we can learn from millennials is to have a desire for things that money can’t buy and that cannot be taken away from us. Millennials cannot be lured by big salaries, as they don’t want to trade their lives for money. They want their lives to have meaning, which doesn’t mean they judge their parents’ lives.

Quite the contrary, they’ve seen what money can do, since they live in an economy-driven capitalist world, and they want to achieve more and take their lives to a whole new level of comfort. They also want to stay away from the stress that comes from dealing with bad finances. Having a roof over their heads, some food and some warm clothes is everything they need to lead normal and fulfilling lives.

Millennials are focused on making a difference, creating possibilities for living their lives to the fullest and finding their place in the hectic world of the digital era. They are the pioneers of this day and age, leading a quiet rebellion and striving towards proving those who are ignorant wrong, in order to show them the wonderful opportunity of embracing the amazing stress-free millennial lifestyle.
Anyone can choose to live this way and experience the ultimate happiness and mental satisfaction. Simplify your life and find a new meaning for it by entering the world of millennials and understanding the very idea behind it. It’s quite a beautiful thing, so go on and try it – you will be mesmerized.