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Thinning Hair Holding You Back? Try a Natural Approach to Fixing Hair Loss!

You may have already come across a plethora of hair growth tips online. Almost everyone you ask has a story to tell about how to grow your hair. But how many of those methods really work? To be honest with you, as someone who’s done his homework on the subject, I’ve seen quite a few of the more modernized techniques, and most of them would be a waste of time and money for anyone.

The best things that I have found to generate hair growth have been incorporating carotene, omega-3′s and proteins into a balanced diet. Avoiding stress at all costs is paramount, because stress sometimes plays a big role in hair loss. It is also important that you are not using a lot of chemicals to style your hair, and keep in mind that even the chemically-laced products that promise to fix your hair can have very damaging effects to an already compromised hair follicle.

Think about it, if you’re looking for alternative methods to regrow hair then it’s very likely already in a weakened state. Why would you want to put anything else that’s harsh on it? What you don’t hear all the time is the fact that you should avoid having your hair pulled back or braided tightly. When it’s tangled you should gently work through the tangles, and use a light conditioner, rather than trying to drag a comb or a brush through poorly conditioned hair. All you end up doing is pulling your hair out in the process.

When you wash your hair you want to really scratch the scalp with your fingernails. The point here is to encourage blood circulation. When you increase the circulation it stimulates the hair shaft and growth is then accelerated. You will want to do the same with your conditioner, leaving it on for the amount of time recommended and be sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly afterward. The last thing you want is any type of buildup, because that leaves hair looking flat, not a good thing when it’s already thinning to begin with.

Addressing some of the old wives tales like using mayonnaise in your hair and so forth isn’t even worth your time. Hot oil conditioners are not great for your hair either, as they just build up and clog hair follicles. The “horse” shampoo called mane and tail will only cause the hair shaft to swell. It may give an illusion of growth and thickness, but it is actually damaging your hair. The end result for some can be catastrophic. I do not recommend attempting this under any circumstances.

You can do a search on Google and read through thousands upon thousands of results, and over half of those are going to give you no positive benefits. What I recommend is taking it back to the basics. There’s nothing like a good invigorating shampoo and conditioning followed by a thorough rinse. Eating right, avoiding stress, getting exercise, and taking the supplements that you need to generate hair growth—learn more about them here—is so simple. After all, if you want natural hair growth shouldn’t you take a natural approach?