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Three Great Things You Can Learn From Eccentric Entrepreneurs

Eccentricity is what makes disruptions possible. Anything that has the potential to change the way humans live and interact with each other has stemmed from something living being even odder since time immemorial. Conventional-ism is what we tend to use when something off the mill is required. Entrepreneur is quite a recent buzzword and in laymen terminology it merely is the title given to someone who owns a business but there is lot more to that word than just plain old ownership, rather an entrepreneur is someone who tends to see or envision something that has never been done or thought of before. It’s a personality trait that ingrained in a select few who tend to look, feel and resound in a quite unique manner, different from everyone who just follow norms and what acceptable behavior is. From Da Vinci to the Wright Brothers to Elon Musk and Jobs, everyone single person who caused a whirlwind change in how we perceive or use things were eccentric. Being eccentric means embracing your weirdness to the hilt and not just giving in on how you will be judged by others in your mannerisms. Life gets just plain old boring when you remove weirdness.

Eccentricity and not necessity has been the mother of invention. Who needed Facebook or the Iphone or driverless cars? Are they a need or just a plain old outcome of eccentric people just being themselves? Eccentric entrepreneurs have some traits that have great implications in terms of being wildly successful and inspiring awe in the process of building something and aspiring others to do the same. Here are 5 traits that any budding entrepreneur can surely adopt and make his/her life and business that much easier and successful:

They Lose the Baggage of Guilt

 When you start off in the pursuit of your dreams and venture out to start your own gig, you automatically become different from everyone else who just couldn’t muster up the courage to do so. Where most people cave in is the place where they start hearing what other people have to say about what they are doing, whether it is discontinuing college or not going for the great job they were just offered, people don’t normally muster up disregard for that opinion, rather they start feeling guilty for not conforming to societal norms of what they should be rather than what they are.

This is where eccentric entrepreneurs differ, they have utter disregard and harbor zero guilt for what other people think, which makes them more focused and helps them zero in on what they need to accomplish for themselves. SpaceX wouldn’t have come into being if Elon Musk would have harbored guilt and remorse on what other people said he could have done after he got money from selling his Paypal shares. He chose to completely get rid of the guilt and focused on what he wanted and Voila! A commercially viable private rocket company was born which is now commissioned by NASA to cater to its outer space needs.

Pulled towards riskier ventures

We all like to play it safe and do not summon up enough energy most of the time to be able to venture into the unknown. Our eccentric entrepreneurs dwell in the sea of risk. They are intrinsically drawn towards things which hold high chances of ending up in failure and the chances of success are slim. But the smaller the chances of success the bigger the fruit awaits if it ends up in success. Eccentricity is about not fearing what ifs. Safer options often stop you from realizing your true potential. Walt Disney could have kept his newspaper job had his idea been to play it safe, then the world wouldn’t have got a chance to marvel at the amazing legacy he created by drawing what he felt like even though how risky it seemed.

Embodying your personality into what you build

Whenever I see Apple’s products or the brand itself, I cannot let myself detach it with the personality of Steve Jobs. Simple, elegant & powerful was what Steve’s personality was and that it also how Apple panned out as a brand and later as a company. The most successful companies and products are just like living beings because life has been instilled on them by their amazing eccentric creators. Make your brand or company synonymous with your personality or what you believe in.

Making it synonymous with yourself will give you the power to reflect it and represent in a better and a whole different manner from anyone who is doing it conventionally. From the biggest details to the minute ones, everything should carry your smell and passion, whether you are funky, jerky or quirky. If you are an artistic person, make your office aesthetics wreak of artistic infusion from everywhere, if you are a person who likes things to look tough and powerful, portray that on your logo design. The magic to making your brand seem larger than life is to connect it with your life and your audience with new innovative ideas and seo marketing techniques, the portrayal begets trust and passion on part of the maker, use it to great effect and make your work an ideology that will leave a lasting legacy.