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Three Innovative Ways to Market Your Company Offline Today (Growth)

There is a growing tendency for businesses to concentrate on increasing online presence, which most marketers would agree is a good thing. If done correctly, you can get bang for your buck this way in comparison to traditional means of marketing, such as advertising.

The problem that many businesses have when they approach this is twofold: they concentrate solely on their online platform to the detriment of their physical presence and a proper online marketing campaign (particularly for a competitive industry) requires significant investment.

Both of these cases pose significant problems for businesses everywhere, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to think outside the box as it is far too easy just to run standard advertising campaigns and get lost amongst the noise of all the companies out there trying the same thing.

It is with that in mind that we will go through three different marketing techniques that aren’t used as much as they should be so that you can gain an edge over your competitors.

Unique Marketing Tactics

  1. Give your product away for free

This one works best for companies who sell physical products rather than services but can work just as well if done correctly. Giving away your hard work for free might sound like bad business at first, but it can give you a great head start, particularly if you are just releasing a new product.

By giving away your product for free (or at cost for higher value items), you can encourage people to leave reviews for your products on many of the online shopping platforms and even your own site.

If it’s not feasible to offer free products (it may be too expensive) then you might consider using promotional products. This includes pens, t-shirts, water bottles & more which display your brand name. Check out Good Things for some examples.

If your product is good enough, you will no doubt gain positive reviews from this technique, and this can encourage reluctant buyers to take the plunge on your product, thereby giving you a jumpstart to your new product launch.

  1. Vehicle Advertising and Business Signs

While traditional media such as television, radio, and newspapers have been the bread and butter for business for many years, these methods are probably some of the most common ways to advertise, but due to their popularity, you risk being lost among the ‘noise’ of other advertisements.

This is one of the reasons why advertising using unique vehicle wraps can be so successful. If you drive regularly, perhaps doing the weekly shop or as a commute from work, you will no doubt see hundreds of cars which are promptly removed from your memory as soon as you look away from them.

However, if you noticed a car that had an eye-catching vehicle wrap, you would no doubt be more likely to remember it, even after you reach your destination.

The power of this technique lies in its ability to make your commercial stand out from the crowd and is very similar to the method that French Connection used with their infamous acronym based advertisement which worked to great effect.

The cherry on the top of this technique is that you don’t even have to own a car to do it! While that sounds crazy, there are services out there where people will have their own cars wrapped so that you don’t have to, or you can use this to expand your advertisement to different regions. What an age to live in!

On a final note, the same thing applies to banner signs –  any established sign company should be able to produce a unique banner sign that can stick in the mind of customers and increase your brand awareness.

  1. Sky Writing

Using the same theory as above to make your advertisement stand out from the crowd, having a plane draw a message in the sky can really get your name out there and works best when targeted to events where there will be a crowd.

As we live in the 21st century, of course, there have been improvements in plane writing recently. You can now get plane writing services that use more than one plane in a coordinated manner to create more complex messages than ever before.

These are just a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get the name of your business out there. Most of these can be expanded on to great effect—the more unique your plans are, the more potential your marketing campaign will have.

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