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Tips For Staying Healthy (and Sane) When You Travel for Work

Corporate travelers can find that it’s a challenge to stay mentally and physically healthy and well when they’re often traveling. There is the physical toll that comes with flying and having different schedules and time zones be part of your life on a weekly basis.

There are also other physical considerations, such as exposure to germs and illnesses while traveling and having a business schedule that can make it harder to eat healthy foods or workout regularly.

There is also the toll that stress and mental exhaustion can have on employees. Making sure employees are healthy and thriving when they’re traveling isn’t just a personal issue. It’s also a business issue because if an employee isn’t feeling their best, they’re not going to do their best work.

The following are some tips that both businesses and employees can consider to improve their health and wellbeing when they travel often.

Ensure Employees Have What They Need

From the perspective of the employer, it’s important to make sure your employees who travel have the tools they need to make their job easier and to remain productive. One example is a mobile travel and expense management tool.

Employees will feel less mentally fatigued if they don’t have to keep up receipts and think about creating lengthy, tedious expense reports when their trip is over.

Also from the employer side of things, try to find accommodations that have gyms and other health and wellness-related amenities.

Get in Some Movement

From the perspective of the employee, it’s essential that you make sure you’re moving, and you’re engaging in physical activity when you’re traveling for work. An easy way to make this happen is to walk or bike to meetings and other places rather than calling an Uber or a cab.

Just trying to get out, stretch your legs and get some fresh air can go a long way when you’re used to spending your days on airplanes and in boardrooms.

Don’t Overindulge in Dinner Meetings

When you travel a lot for work, this probably also means you’re entertaining clients in the evening. That seems to be the nature of the job for a lot of corporate travelers. Watch what you’re consuming at those dinners, however. Don’t spend hours eating food that’s too rich or packed with fat and calories, and watch your alcohol intake as well.

Overindulging in those dinner and even lunch meetings isn’t going to allow you to feel your best, and it’s going to affect your overall health.

Finally, even when you feel like you’re always on the road, try to stay connected to your life back home. Don’t make it all about work. Take time each night to get in touch with your family back home by Skype, or try to make time to do some of the things you love while you’re traveling. It’s important not to lose all connection with your life back home when you’re traveling, because that can make it more difficult to mentally adjust when you do return home.