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Tips for Students Who Want to Study in Sweden

Sweden is a wonderful country, and it is famous for many things. It was a place where some of the most vicious warmongering people were located, also known as Vikings, and a bit ironically it is a country that hasn’t been involved in any kind of war for the past 200 years.

It gave us Absolute Vodka, it gave us Ikea, it gave us H&M along with some people who are really famous in the entertainment industry, like the Skarsgard father and brothers, and in the 70’s the band ABBA. So, we can all learn a thing or two from Sweden or better yet go there and become college students.

If you wish to spend your college years in Sweden, then you have chosen a perfect country to spend this chapter of your life. Here are some tips that can help you out and point you in the right direction, in order to fulfill your goals.

See what they offer and choose a program

Sweden has a lot to offer in terms of bachelor’s programs, master’s programs and PhD programs, so you need to choose which one you want and/or can apply for. A wise thing to do is to visit and see the programs they have in both English and Swedish, and when it comes to the bachelor’s and master’s, they have nearly a thousand options.

So, find out what each program is all about and whether it corresponds to your aspirations, and see if you can enroll. The programs will start during autumn 2017, but the available programs are to be listed in December 2016, so there will be plenty of time to choose.  

Prepare your documents and apply for visa

On the website mentioned in the previous section you can also find guidelines on how to apply for a particular program and which tests you need to take. So, you need to go through these instructions thoroughly, since you might be required to take test and prove your English proficiency.

Also you will have to apply for visa and you might need to send a motivational letter to the university, depending on the program you are applying for. It would be good to have the letter or any kind of application papers translated. You can find an agency that can translate from or to the Swedish language, and have them prepare your papers.

Find a place to stay

Clearly, in order to study in Sweden you need to have a place to stay. Since, it is going to last for a long time, it is inconvenient to stay at a hotel, hostel or to rent a whole place. You need to see what your options are as a student and find the most optimal solution.

Perhaps you can find a family that is willing to take you in over the course of your studies, for a reasonable financial compensation, since this is the most budget-friendly option. Alternatively, you can find people to rent an apartment with, and once the expenses are divided, the whole thing won’t drain your budget.

Apply for a scholarship


If you are planning to apply for master studies and if you are from a developing country, then there are good chances of receiving a scholarship. Of course, even if you don’t fit into this category, you can always try, since nothing bad can come of it, considering you can only save money if things go in your favor. The application period for scholarships starts in December and ends on January 16th, so there is plenty of time for you to apply.   

Find someone to show you the ropes

Lastly, you need to find someone who can show you around, because what’s the point of going abroad and experiencing another culture without at least having one friend by your side? Since, we all use social networks, it’s quite easy to find and reach out to someone who can be helpful.

All you need to do is find a Facebook page of the university or faculty you are applying for, and find one of the page members. You can also find someone from your country who is applying the same way as you, and you can travel together.

I wish you the best of luck during your studies, and I am sure you will have a memorable time in Sweden.