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Tips For Taking Better Headshots

If you are anything like many people in Los Angeles, you are interested in a career in show business. One thing that is a must for entertainers is taking a great headshot. This is the first opportunity you will have to make an impression, so you want everything to be perfect. Here are four tips that will help you reach that goal.

Get A Professional Shot Taken

One mistake that many people have is trying to save money on headshots. While it can be rather costly to head to a professional to have them take your shots, this is far better than trying to do them on your own. It is possible to take a pretty decent shot on your own, but it will not match the quality of one that is taken by a photographer. Invest the money and hire someone to do it for you.

Avoid Too Much Airbrushing

It is common to have your headshots airbrushed in order to cover up any glaring flaws, but you should try your best not to do it so much you look like a different person. When people take a look at your picture, they will expect the same person to walk through the door if they decide to call you. Things will not go in your favor if they are not as impressed by you in person as they were when seeing you on paper.

Be Easy With The Makeup

Many people try so hard to look nice when they are taking pictures that they mistakenly put on far too much makeup. This is a big error since it will let people know that you are trying too hard. The point of putting on makeup is to look like an enhanced version of yourself. It should not be so heavy that it looks like it can be removed with a credit card.

Leave The Props For Later

Whether you believe it or not, there are people who have submitted headshots with props in them. As the word implies, the only thing people want to see in these pictures is your head. They are not interested in seeing you with a pirate hat, a pair of gag glasses or anything of the sort. The idea is to offer them a glance into your natural, everyday look while appearing a tad more put together.

Even if you are trying out for a part in a film and you believe that the props will give you an edge, rethink this. Once people see your photo and there are props in it, your headshot is more than likely going to end up on the rubbish heap.

A great headshot can mean the difference between being called back for roles you are interested in and continuing to bus tables while you are waiting for your big break. If you wish to increase the chances of impressing those who have your fate in their hands, you should use this advice and submit the best photo ever.