At Work

Tips to Gaining Enormous Production Out of Yourself at Work

Productivity is a huge topic. There are more blog posts concerning your productivity at work, at home, and especially for entrepreneurs.

Here are a few hacks, shortlist provided, that have helped me the most over the years!

Kindle At Night

I love content. I read a ton. I love learning.

To take in and try to make heads or tails from all the “real” and “amazing” advice offered on the internet, I use my kindle. They are less than $50 dollars from Amazon.

You get an easy web clipper and can email any PDF’s to your kindle. I basically decide I want to read something and send it to my kindle to be read at night.

This stops me from dissecting every blog post that looks interesting during “Green Time” of the day.

I can scan a piece of content and decide if it goes into:

Read Later (Worth Reading) = Gets Sent to My Kindle

Couple of Thoughts Worth Remembering = Notes Jotted in Quip or Evernote

Worth Sharing = Buffer

Task and To Do’s

I just started using Taco. It’s great and keeps up with task list I make all over the place in one easy to see visual. Worth the time to check it out.

Otherwise I use trusty MR. Google Calendar.

I would also advice on using:

uberconference as the on hold music is Great!

A Scheduling app that offers time selection. I use Mixmax and Calendarly.

Mobile Phone Creep

I love my smart phone. It just is a huge distraction at times.

I get the most done when I put the phone away and only check it every couple of hours.

It is the biggest productivity tip I can offer.

Meditation and Exercise

I get the word meditation bugs people out.

I am not talking about a religious thing.

I mean to clear your mind and focus on your priorities. That’s it.

If you can focus then no need. I have to take a few minutes when I first get up to get focused. It saves phone calls that are “busy” work. It make me want to get the next task accomplished.

Daylight and Sun

This one may sound weird but it works.

Walk outside first thing in the morning and get 20 minutes of sunlight. Do the same thing at lunch.

It will change your life and reset your circadian rhythm.

Basically we are office dwellers. That is not natural and can throw our body off kilter.

The sunlight actually helps reset this and make your entire body operate differently during the day versus night.

Try it!

Excel Spreadsheets and Management

You have to inspect what you expect.

What isn’t tracked can not be managed.

These “cliches” are great but what do they mean?

Take time to list out some time of metrics you want to keep track of. Website visits and subscribers are two that come to mind.

Here is a list of some I have used before: Marketing Success Measurements.

Track it via a simple excel spreadsheet and keep a pulse on whether or not what you are doing is working.

Productivity in General

If you are struggling getting more things done then stop and assess the problem.

Don’t keep playing the ostrich. “Head down and not seeing the problem.”

I hope these tips helped you and let me know what you thought in the comment section.