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The Top 13 Activities to Make Your Next Entertainment Event a Hit

Whether you’re planning a themed birthday party or corporate outing, social gatherings are a great way to get closer with friends and colleagues while enjoying delicious food. Take your event to the next level by inserting some fun and whimsy to help break the ice and coax everyone to let loose. Avoid the mundane weather chatter, put down your smartphone and connect with those around you by trying these thirteen games that require nothing more than good humor and a dose of imagination!

1.Battle of the Air Bands


What You’ll Need: Speakers, smartphone or mp3 player

Instructions: Ever seen Spike TV’s spinoff series of Jimmy Fallon’s famous lip sync battles? Expand the idea to a full-on battle of the air bands. Divide your group up into teams of 3-4 people and let them choose who will be the singers, guitarists, drummers, etc. Give them some time to rehearse before performing a lip synced version of whatever song they like. If enough notice is given in advance, teams can dress up or bring props. After the performances, teams can vote on the winner (with the caveat that no one can vote for their own band). This is a great party entertainment idea that will liven up any event.

2.Back-to-Back Drawing 

What You’ll Need: Paper, writing utensils, printouts of simple line drawings or basic shapes.


Instructions: Ideal for a company party to get closer to colleagues, divide your group into pairs and have each person sit back to back. One person gets a picture of a shape or simple image, and the other gets a piece of paper and pen. The person holding the picture gives verbal instructions to their partner on how to draw the shape or image they’ve been given (without telling them blatantly what the shape or image is). After a set amount of time, have each pair of partners compare their images and see which team drew the most accurate replica.

3.Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower


What You’ll Need: 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, 1 roll of masking tape, 1 yard of string, and 1 marshmallow for every team.

Instructions: Another fun corporate entertainment idea, using only the above supplies, determine which team can build the tallest tower—But there’s a catch: the marshmallow must be at the very top of the tower, and the whole structure has to stand on its own for at least five seconds.



What You’ll Need: An empty room or hallway, and a collection of common office or household items

Instructions: Fun for any party, no matter how old you are! Use boxes, pillows, chairs, water bottles, etc. to create an obstacle course of “mines” within the empty space. Split the group into pairs, where one partner is blindfolded. The other must guide that person from one end of the course to another without “setting off” any mines. The person guiding their partner cannot enter the course and must only use verbal instructions to get their partner through. Depending on the number of people you have and how difficult you want this activity to be, you can vary the number of pairs trying to complete the course at the same time so that pairs have to work harder to listen to each other and communicate clearly.

5.Scavenger Hunt


What You’ll Need: Set course and series of clues

Instructions: In addition to being a fun activity, a scavenger hunt can enhance creativity and teamwork. Create a list of hints based on the history of your company or party theme. Form a trail to enable every team to find the next clues. Don’t forget to arrange a prize for the group that completes the task first. If you want to get a bit more high-tech, you can set up text messages, riddles, or email addresses with auto-responses to provide clues.



What You’ll Need: Pens, paper and your pantomiming skills!

Instructions:The classic party game! Split into two teams and ask each person to write a word or phrase on a piece of paper. The slips of paper are collected and separated, with each team guessing the other’s phrases or words. Alternating turns, one person from each team acts out the clue without speaking. The team members can shout out guesses, but they have to figure out the word in three minutes or less. Each correct answer is worth one point.

Traditionally, there are six categories for charades: books, movies, plays, songs, TV shows or quotes.  Players acting out the clue can begin by motioning the category and also informing their team how many syllables each word contains.

7.Murder Mystery


What You’ll Need: Decide whether to buy a murder mystery party kit or whether to create your own.Most kits contain the script, rules, ideas for costumes, and complimenting recipes, making them ideal dinner party entertainment ideas. If you decide to create your own game, make sure the story is somewhat believable, scary, and interesting.

Instructions: Once the guests have arrived and have received their character assignments, let them mingle for a while to get to know the other characters. Clues should be delivered to guests throughout the course of the game. Some clues are meant to be revealed, while others should remain concealed. “Reveal” clues should be casually brought up in conversation to different guests at different times. Since every guest will hear a variety of different hints, each will reach her own conclusion about the case. “Conceal” clues should be guarded. Guests should try to keep these secret so they are not incriminated. Other guests will inevitably discover the secrets and tell the others. When the game is over, have each guest reveal who they think is the killer and why. Once all partygoers have guessed, unveil the truth behind the murder mystery. Whoever guess right, or closest is the winner.

8.Two Truths and a Lie


What You’ll Need: Pens, paper and your poker face

Instructions: Each participant will have to tell three facts about themselves. Out of these three facts, two will be true, while one will be a lie. All other members will have to guess which one is a lie. Whoever guesses the most correct lies, wins the game.



What You’ll Need:2 or more shopping bags, funny props, random items

Instructions: Before guests arrive put five or more random items in each of 2 or more shopping bags. It doesn’t matter what you put in the bags, just be sure that each bag contains different items. Divide your guests into teams (one team per bag). Instruct the teams that they have 10 minutes (or whatever amount of time you decide on) to create a skit using all of the items in the bag and all of the members on the team.

Some examples of themes could be “commercial-in-a-bag” (have your guests do a commercial following the specifications noted above). Or, if you’re short on materials, ask each person to bring a random item. Divide your party guests or colleagues into teams and have them use these items to create a skit or commercial.

10.Candy Bar Game


What You’ll Need: 10-20 candy bars

Instructions: Come up with a definition for each one. Keep the candy bars hidden as you call out the definitions. When someone guesses correctly, give them the corresponding candy bar.
Sample definitions:
– A famous swashbuckling trio of old (3 Musketeers)
– Peculiar laughter (Snickers)
– Almost between (Twix)
– Warm embraces (Hugs)
– Wise guys (Smarties)
– Red planet (Mars)
– A feline (Kit Kat)

11.Escape room


What You’ll Need: A venue in your area that hosts physical adventure games

Instructions: A group of people get “locked” in a room for one hour. During that time, they have to find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and figure out clues hidden in the elements of the room to locate the key that will set them free.

12.Trampoline Park


What You’ll Need: A local indoor trampoline park

Instructions: Ready to take your next birthday party or corporate social event to the sky? Indoor trampoline parks often have multiple packages to make your party soar, literally! Aside from just jumpin’ around, you can even play three-dimensional versions of your favorite sports, such as dodgeball and basketball.

13.Ice Cubes


What You’ll Need: one or two trays of ice cubes

Instructions: Split your group into two even teams. On “Go,” the first player of each team picks up an ice cube and tries to melt it as quickly as they can. They can rub it between their hands or their clothes – but what they can’t do is put it in their mouths, stamp on it or use any equipment on it (e.g. a lighter). No one is allowed keep a cube for more than a few seconds, so make sure the cubes are being passed between players. First team to melt the cube (or tray of cubes) wins.

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